December 30, 2017

How to Save the World in 3 Not-Easy Steps (& read unlimited Elephant).

Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis:


“Everyone should love community, because community is what will be there for people.” ~ Waylon Lewis 

Those in influential positions don’t want to give up power, and they take advantage of those trying to forge a path of right livelihood. How do we combat corruptive power? Waylon Lewis shares the three best ways:

1. Support truth: Find investigative journalism that is exposing abuse. We need to support those doing the research and documenting abuses of power.

2. Create community: We create community every time we attend a potluck, go to a farmer’s market, go on a group run, or attend a church service. Community is incredibly resilient and incredibly vulnerable.

3. Do the work: read, volunteer, study, meditate, practice our spiritual paths.

Here at Elephant Journal we try to do all three. We’re mission driven and independent, with no hidden agenda.

We all want to find that sweet spot where we are doing what we love, using what we know, being of benefit, and living financially sound. These aren’t lofty aspirations, but they do take work.

Why should we be doing this work and how do we even start?

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