December 30, 2017

Watch 12 Adults ignore 8 children for 4 minutes.

“In the first place, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made school boards.” ~ Mark Twain

Bonus: Utah teacher fired after showing students classical paintings which contained nudity. Note: “Even crazier, he got the images from the school’s own library…”

Found this travesty of School Boardism this morning in comments in another post on Reddit. This deserves widespread attention. Whether you’re vegan, in school, a parent, or just care about decency, this video will give you the kind of healthy righteous anger that will turn this travesty of justice into an awakening:

Via rakfocus on Reddit:

Saw this in action – a few months ago my mom was watching a LAUSD school board meeting being broadcast (local channel, middle of the day). Seems like business as usual, and apparently one of the members is leaving so they are talking about that and telling everyone how much they’ll miss him (apparently it was not his decision to be let go). Anyway, it’s time to open up the floor to questions and some young kids walk in (obviously with some help from the adults but it’s clear that the kids are mainly doing this on their own). They would like to ask the school board for some clarification regarding their vegan school lunch program (simply offering a vegan option for meals – seemed simple and easy enough), which that leaving member had supported but will now be unable to. They had received no communication from the board regarding the continuation of the program even after multiple attempts, and they wanted to know if another member would be willing to help them.

I don’t know what I expected. Someone to speak up in support? Congratulate these kids on their work? Even graciously deny them due to prior commitments?


The board was as silent as a crypt. For 4. damn. minutes. I kid you not. Not one of them had the guts to address these kids – in fact most of them occupied themselves with their phones or other matters so they wouldn’t have to look at the kids. A parent finally stepped up – all the kids behind her crying – and shamed them all for not even making the effort to aknowledge these kids, when they had so obviously made an effort to come there in front of them. She stated (correctly) that it was a failure on all of them that they showed so very little interest in the exact people they were supposed to be helping the most. Then the group packed up their stuff and left.

And that made me upset. But not nearly upset as what happened next.

They all went back to business as usual, like nothing had even happened. They were actually CELEBRATING and patting themselves on the back for the great celebration they were going to have for the other member. It was so callous and disconnected – I realized right then and there that school boards were only out for themselves. It was exactly like that scene in The Hunger Games where the gamemakers are all admiring the pig and ignoring Katniss. As the kid of a teacher who has slaved her whole life selflessly to help her kids, it infuriates me that people like this are the ones that are so often put in charge of entire districts – to the detriment of the students.

Skip to 3:10.45 to see the moment I was talking about. I am so glad this is finally getting the attention this deserves – I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it.”


editedit: wow thank you! my first Au! As a chemistry major I shall find great use for this ~rubs hands together~

editeditedit! Just woke up and incredible that this blew up! I just want to say for the record that LAUSD did eventually continue with that vegan lunch program and it has been rolled out to most schools, so there is a happy ending here. Also, some more legally-schooled users have informed us of the Brown act, which my or may not account for the long silence we hear in the clip from the board members. I, and I’m sure the kids, were unaware of this law – and I think it’s fair to say that even under such conditions some acknowledgement and explanation still would have been basic decency (assuming it’s even why the silence is there in the first place).When I watched the whole board meeting, it didn’t appear that these kids had a proposition significantly different from anyone else that had spoken before, which is why the silence was so jarring. As I’m sure most of you watching the clip have already seen, it’s incredibly rude the way they treat these kids, and even if they could not legally comment on their issue, they could have treated them with far more respect than they did and explained why.


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