January 29, 2018

How to find your Moon Sign & What it Represents to You.


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Most of us are more familiar with our astrological sun sign than our moon sign.

Yet, we are often far more emotionally and spiritually connected to the moon, which mirrors our subconscious and unconscious self, than the sun, which reflects our conscious self.

Moon signs are just as significant as sun signs. And they usually explain why, while we may share a sun sign with someone and have some surface similarities, inwardly, we are opposite in numerous ways, particularly in our emotional personalities.

One of the main reasons most people are less familiar with their moon sign is that the moon moves quickly around the zodiac, visiting all signs within a month and only staying in each one for just over two days, whereas the sun remains in each zodiac sign for approximately one month.

Our moon sign represents our soul, and is a vital piece of our astrological puzzle. To find it, we need to know our date, time, and location of our birth; whereas, to find our sun sign, we only need to know our birth date.

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Our sun and moon signs strongly influence one another, and combined, make up our overall personality; however they can also conflict with each other, causing internal struggle. This means that someone who has an Aries sun and Taurus moon may act fiery and impatient, but then feel irritated with themselves because of it. Therefore, when they’re triggered and overreact, inwardly, they doubt themselves and are stubborn, hesitant, and cautious—thus causing an Aries sun/Taurus moon to feel conflicted and unpredictable at times.

Moon signs reveal valuable insight about our inner world and offer critical clues about our hidden nature, including: our moods, feelings, patterns, habits, values, beliefs, innermost primal needs, deepest desires, and how we process our emotions. Our moon sign also describes our unconscious mind, our innate self, and offers insight into our instinctive reactions.

When we learn more about our moon sign, we will realize how it reflects how we are in our private lives, and how we think, feel, or express ourselves when we feel safe—in relationships, or within the comfort of our homes.

Once you’ve discovered your moon sign, read below for a brief description of each of the moon signs.

Moon in Aries

Aries moon signs are impatient and demand instant gratification. If they don’t get what they want instantly, they will sulk, kick their heels, and petulantly walk away in frustration. Aries can be childish, impatient, defensive, impulsive, spontaneous, hot-headed, and they can speak and act without thinking.

They view life as one huge lesson and see every difficulty as an opportunity to grow and stretch their soul. Though they may be battle-scarred from the turbulent life they lead, you would never know it, as they are emotionally strong and refuse to hold onto past baggage. They are both open-hearted and minded, and are never afraid to admit their weaknesses and be vulnerable.

Aries energy is passionate, independent, confident, courageous, determined, and even quite risky. Their most obvious characteristic is that they are “real”—therefore, what you see is what you get, as they don’t sugarcoat or care what people think of them, and they don’t mask their true selves for anyone.

Aries moon characters are easily irritated and can have quite a temper when continuously rubbed the wrong way. This moon sign keeps their inner feelings guarded, and can be quite secretive and mysterious until they fully trust someone. They have a fearless warrior spirit, and are energetic, strong, confident, impulsive, and raring to go to battle and fight for matters close to their heart. Aries can be naturally confrontational, direct, and to the point, so they may regularly find themselves in combat, which might result in emotional outbursts and explosions.

Aries have an aura of child-like innocence, which can cause them to be incredibly naive. They prefer to see the world through rose-tinted spectacles and find it difficult to imagine that others wish to do them harm, leaving themselves wide-open to being deceived. They can come across as vulnerable and fragile on the inside, and this can often appear as neediness and insecurity. Despite their fragility, Aries can also be one of the most resilient signs of the zodiac, with their sweet, tender, and sensitive souls mixed with strength and courage.

Moon in Taurus

Taurus moons desire creature comforts and the finer things in life above all else. They will go to all lengths to ensure their home life is steady, safe, stable, and secure, and are happier with routine than impulsiveness. This means that they choose to be around people who don’t challenge them to step outside their comfort zones—particularly where their emotions are involved.

To Taurus moons, money equals security, so they navigate their life in ways to achieve financial abundance, which may cause them to be a little superficial and materialistic at times, particularly as their self-worth is connected to their amassment of possessions.

Taurus moon people dislike confrontation with a passion, and will avoid conversations that may potentially bring out other people’s volatile, oppressed, or hidden emotions. This means that a Taurus will also keep their own emotions to themselves to avoid heated conversations. They can also be guarded and cool in their intimate relationships, as it takes a lot for them to open themselves up and be vulnerable.

They are stubborn creatures who can be quite opinionated, although they can be overcautious and quite picky when faced with decision-making. Their qualities are patience, perseverance, reliability, and calmness, and whenever there is a storm, Taurus can be found sat serenely at the eye of it, as though they are totally unaffected. To safeguard their material abundance, they can be known to be possessive and jealous, and this is due to the fear that by losing their valuable material items, they would also lose their own worth and value.

Overall, Taurus moons are great at manifesting, so while they might surrender to the belief that they can attract abundance, they need not worry so much about accumulating, as they have a knack for turning things back in their favour, however difficult they may get.

Moon in Gemini

Gemini moons are charismatic, charming, and highly flirtatious beings, so they enjoy being teased and seduced, and have an array of seduction tricks and techniques hidden up their sleeves.

Geminis are the talkers of the zodiac and witty, intellectual, or romantic conversations are their forte. They are often avid readers, with interests ranging from politics, to sports, to humanitarian issues, so if they choose to, they can converse with anyone, anywhere, and at any time.

They are eternally young at heart, spontaneous, mischievous, playful, curious, and imaginative creatures. This lunar sign is analytical by nature, with a sharp and clear mind that is constantly working overtime trying to figure out themselves, other people, and all the situations in their life.

They are restless beings who need constant stimulation or they will become disinterested and bored, whether in relationships, careers, or their personal hobbies. Gemini moons are renowned for having “Jekyll and Hyde” personalities, as they feel one emotion vividly one minute, and the next can feel something entirely different. This can lead them to appear as though they are not genuine with their emotions, as they can change their minds quicker than the weather. The main difficulty that this dual personality poses for them, is that they often find themselves attracted to two entirely different people at one time, or they may have totally different and conflicting hobbies and interests.

Although they are good at expressing themselves on the outside, internally, they can struggle to pinpoint exactly how they feel and why they feel that way, therefore they may switch relationships, jobs, homes, or hobbies on a frequent basis until they find that certain je ne sais quoi they have been searching for.

The quality they seek most in relationships is a mental connection, and once that is in place, physical attraction follows. If they do not find their partner interesting and intriguing, the relationship will quickly dissipate—if it ever properly got started to begin with.

Moon in Cancer

Cancer is ruled by the moon, which means that every time the moon changes signs and phases, a Cancer’s moods and feelings change too. Cancers are thoughtful, caring, compassionate, and empathetic which makes them natural born healers.

They are extremely sensitive to other people’s emotions and feelings, therefore, if people around them are moody or negative, it can deeply affect Cancer moons and influence their emotional well-being. This is why they will often hide themselves away whenever they are feeling particularly vulnerable or at risk of being hurt. They are homebodies who enjoy retreating to their favourite cozy chair, where they have safety and security.

They are a mixture of both calm and passionate, and as a water sign, they’re highly emotional creatures. They are also naturally intuitive and often possess psychic gifts, making them acutely aware of pretty much all that goes on around them. They are also attuned to the energy of the universe, so they can sense and are influenced by planetary and moon activity and energy.

Within their relationships, Cancer moons love deeply; howeverthis also means they hurt deeply too, so although many Cancers have beaten and bruised hearts, they are forgivers and are loyal and faithful friends and partners. They are known to be quite insecure, so a relationship that is trustworthy and loyal is one that they value; someone with the same high integrity, morals, and ethics will balance them perfectly.

Moon in Leo

Leo moons love to be adored, and crave affection and genuine connection. Just like lions, they like to be king or queen of their kingdom, lavished with attention, and provided with constant entertainment and playfulness. If they aren’t challenged, they can become lazy, expecting that others will take care of their every desire.

Leo moons are optimistic and tend not to plan things out—they just trust that it will all work out in their favour. However, not thinking things through clearly can cause plans to backfire, which is something many Leos have become familiar with.

Leo moons have an innate fear that they are unworthy or inadequate, which can be detrimental to the regal Leo, who has a great desire to feel secure, worshipped, and cherished. If Leos do not receive love and affection in abundance, they may question their meaning in their loved one’s life, along with their own self-worth. They like to feel like royalty, at the center of attention, and can become demanding, controlling, and possibly even have emotional outbursts if they feel they are being ignored or not celebrated and adored.

Leos are all about fun, laughter, and loving life to the fullest. They exude enthusiasm and have an infectious, curious, and adventurous outlook. They live for the magic and mystery in the present moment. Their imagination is wild and carefree, which encourages them to create a life that is exciting, intriguing, and immensely pleasurable.

Moon in Virgo

Virgo moons show affection and emotion in practical, problem-solving, logical ways. Organising the home, arranging schedules, and ensuring the finer details of life are tended to is how Virgo moons best express their love. They are intelligent beings, but can also be neurotic and highly critical due to their overthinking, analytical brain and may easily become overstimulated due to sensory overload.

Virgos rarely wear their hearts on their sleeves and are not the type to fully submerge themselves into the depths of love without first testing the waters. Virgos often attract beautiful disasters, lost causes, and emotionally unavailable lovers. These types are safe bets for Virgos, because until they feel “perfect” enough to be worthy of an equally “perfect” partner, the lack of commitment offered in these types of partnerships suits Virgo’s needs. This means a Virgo doesn’t have to give away all they have to offer in a relationship, especially if they don’t believe the relationship is going to be long-term.

Virgos are cautious and will wait for perfection and are not content with settling for anything less. They are intuitive beings, with great inner strength, and are on a mission to find real, everlasting love. However, they do not seek the love of fairy-tales—they want a partner who takes accountability for themselves, is authentic, and vulnerably shows up.

The saying, “The sexiest part of a man/woman is their mind,” should be dedicated to a Virgo. They need regular mental stimulation as they are the intellects of the zodiac and their brainy, analytical, and observational thinking makes them great philosophers and intriguing people to be around.

A Virgo’s emotions run deep beneath the surface. It is this depth that often makes a Virgo fearful of relationships, as they fear that once they tap into their capacity to fully feel, they may not be able to control what emerges. All the pent up emotions and cravings to give and receive love will come pouring out, which is the main reason that Virgo likes to be sure of who’s receiving it. If Virgo moons don’t process and express their emotions, it can lead to overthinking, worrying, and possibly even anxiety.

Moon in Libra

Possibly, the most important aspect of a Libra moon’s life is their romantic relationship. If this is balanced, peaceful, and healthy, then all is well in the world of a Libra. Harmony at home is vital for this sign to sustain a harmonious heart and mind, therefore they will do everything within their power to protect, nourish, and maintain a close connection with their loved ones—which probably stresses them out more than usual, as they even analyse their own analysing.

They are extremely perceptive of other people’s emotions and feelings, and although they are intuitive, it is more to do with the fact they spend most of their time observing and profiling those around them. Libra moon can seem quite harsh and abrasive on the surface, but that’s usually just a guard for their soft, gentle, and highly sensitive interior. This sign is probably the most trusting of the zodiac, which can lead them to being manipulated and led astray.

Libra moons are compassionate and prefer to look at all sides of any situation to find balance; however, this can lead to them being treated badly, as they forgive and forget long before they’ve learned the lesson or seen someone’s true colours shining through. They aren’t good at establishing boundaries and those who are looking for someone to take advantage of will spot them a mile away, so it is imperative that they remain aware of who and what they give their time and attention to. If they are pushed too far, Libra moons can lose their cool—and usually, by the time they’ve reached that stage, they are ready to slam the door shut, once and for all.

Overall, they like to keep everyone happy, and will sacrifice their own needs to ensure that everyone around them is provided for, but if the scale tips too far off balance, Libra moons will react sharply, feeling as if they’ve been used and taken advantage of. Therefore, it’s highly important that Libras find a balance between taking care of themselves and others.

Libra moons flow through life effortlessly when they keep things simple, and when those around them do not bring too much conflict, drama, or chaos into their lives.

Moon in Scorpio

Lunar Scorpios are emotionally intense, intriguing, and private characters who are known to have trust and security issues—so they struggle to open up to those they are close to. They are often silent characters who have a strong sexual energy, which is expressed artistically through alternative channels.

Scorpio moons are highly introspective and, rather than verbally explaining how they feel, they are far more likely to communicate creatively to convey their emotions—through music, writing, dance, or painting instead of spoken word.

Scorpio moons have all-seeing, all-knowing eyes and are perceptive, sensing the intention behind everything. They cannot bear false pretenses, so if other people’s behavior isn’t authentic and doesn’t have meaning and depth behind it, it will be clear to Scorpio, and they will likely call people out for their insincerity or a lack of integrity.

Scorpios have electric, magnetic, and somewhat spellbinding personalities and their partners often feel powerfully drawn to them without being able to explain why. Scorpios are the type to be single for years and then find themselves in a full-blown committed relationship, where they usually have extraordinarily passionate love lives, as their sex drive can be off the scale.

Even though Scorpio’s emotions can be heightened, they tend to keep a cool exterior and hide their true feelings, regardless of how furious or pleased they feel on the inside. Their intensity can terrify some of the more cautious and wary souls, and this is why they are often the most misunderstood and feared sign, as their immense emotional and sexual energy can be overbearing at times. This is also one of the reasons Scorpios hide how they truly feel.

Moon in Sagittarius

Sagittarius moons are worldly, curious, free-spirited wanderers who are adventurers by heart, and who do not appreciate being tied down in life or in love.

Although they are capable of devoting themselves to one person for a lifetime, they only remain truly happy and fulfilled if they have the space to breathe without rules—otherwise, they quickly become restless. They need their freedom above all else, as they feel claustrophobic when their personal space is limited, particularly if they feel emotionally bombarded by someone, or when they believe someone is trying to control them. This can make Sagittarius appear emotionally unavailable, or as though they have a commitment phobia; however, that’s not the case at all. They just need to be free to live their lives without becoming overwhelmed with other people projecting their insecurities, issues, or heavy feelings onto them.

Sagittarius moons are real and authentic characters who do not put on airs and graces for anyone, regardless of the company they keep. They are true to their souls and can be outspoken, so if someone wants to hear the truth, Sagittarius are the ideal person to hear it from.

They are optimistic old souls with profound inner wisdom and immense knowledge, and are philosophers of life, which can lead them to being great teachers or mentors whether informally or formally.

Moon in Capricorn

Capricorn moons tend to be reserved, measured, distant, and in complete control of their emotions, so they are possibly the least romantic sign of the zodiac, especially as they often hide their true feelings behind wit and sarcasm.

Sadly, most of this is due to a fear of abandonment and rejection. They will go to great lengths to avoid having to publicly declare their innermost emotions. It isn’t that they don’t feel things deeply, they just don’t appreciate being put under pressure to say how they feel.

Capricorns are responsible characters and are generally the providers of the family. As they hold traditional values, they are devoted and faithful partners once they find their true love, and hope to receive similar levels of commitment in return. However, they can also be a little insensitive toward other people’s emotions, and prefer not to dig down into their heart, if they can help it.

Capricorns are givers, and are forever ensuring that other people’s needs are met before their own, which can lead to underlying frustration and resentment. This is mainly due to the fact that they are not great at speaking their mind, so it can be difficult to maintain a healthy and open relationship, free from conflict.

Moon in Aquarius

This moon sign is the most independent and unpredictable of the zodiac, and the least likely to commit themselves to marriage. Aquarius moons that are in a relationship need to retain their independence and freedom, otherwise they feel suffocated. Therefore, although Aquarius’ love to be loved, they prefer an arm’s length between them and the person showering attention and affection over them, which is why many are happy to have close platonic friendships of the opposite sex, or even mutually agreed “friends with benefits.”

Often, Aquarius is too busy with life to pause for romance. When they do pledge their love, it means they have found someone they deem worthy of taking up their free time, as they don’t just settle for mediocrity. Aquarius are rebellious, unconventional souls, and are free thinkers and pioneers who refuse to follow the status quo. They are highly empathetic and love planet Earth, so they are often humanitarians and can be found tuning into nature and appreciating its Zen and beauty.

They are perceptive, and therefore excellent readers of other people’s energy, so they pay little attention to the words people speak and are more intrigued by everything that is left unsaid.

Moon in Pisces

Pisces is ruled by enchanted Neptune, which is known as a mysterious, otherworldly planet. Pisceans live in their imagination, which feels safer than reality, as it consists of magic, mystery, and miracles. Pisces are highly intuitive, sensitive, sensual, and sentimental creatures. They adore magic, enchantment, and mystery, and though they have old souls, they have somewhat futuristic mindsets.

Pisces appreciate anything with spiritual meaning. Crystals, mindful books, tarot cards, or alternative healing all resonate strongly with a Pisces. They are fascinated with learning and are often learning new hobbies or skills to compliment their empathetic personality, which may lead them to esoteric and ancient practices, including teaching yoga, meditation, or tai chi.

Pisces moons have a light, enchanting, and ancient souls, which are believed to have reincarnated many times over. They exist in a dual existence with one foot in the ethereal and the other in the earthly world. They can be quite gullible, and have wide-open hearts that forgive and forget almost instantly, as they are immensely compassionate and look at situations from an outside perspective.

Pisceans are amazing listeners who have the ability to instinctively tap into how others are feeling, and this gives them profound insight into why certain things are said or done. Their intuitive sense is their greatest superpower and is what keeps them safe in this confusing, bewildering world—therefore, if they start to doubt their intuitive abilities, they can put themselves in potential danger in their relationships, workplaces, or day-to-day life.

Note: It can be interesting to find out our partners’ moon signs, as they can predict our romantic compatibility, and will offer answers as to how and why we emotionally connect or why we feel at odds or out of sync with certain people.




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