January 30, 2018

“Total Eclipse of the Heart” in Cancer on January 31, 2018.

*Disclaimer: this is mainly a psychological overview of the current astrological weather. Of course, each individual will experience this in their own unique way.

On January 31, 2018, there will be the first of several eclipses this year.

This will be a lunar eclipse in the sign of Cancer, using sidereal zodiac, the zodiac of Vedic astrology. Cancer is the zodiac sign related to nurturing, mothering, and selfless love.

This love is related to the pure, devotional feeling that is the source of all emotion. It is sattvic love, in yogic terms. It is the kind of love that is so abundant, it overflows its boundary, like a mother’s love that knows no limits. It is unconditional.

That kind of love is very close to the G-d consciousness in you and is a great teacher. It is the source of all emotion. We can think of emotions as the surface of the ocean, and pure love as its depth. Because we usually live on the surface of life and the heart, we also tend to confuse that pure, deep, and selfless love for the shallow, surface emotions.

That surface love is the love we usually experience with other adults, especially friends, family, and lovers. Many would say it is not really love at all—and I agree. It is the pure love mixing with our desires—what we want from the other person. As was said, this emotional mind creates many waves—constant waves, in fact. Some are large and some smaller.

When you sit by the sea, it is nothing but waves—on the surface that is. But just below the waves, there is stillness and peace and silence. Once you break the surface of the water, there is peace. Similarly, once you break the surface of the emotions, there is pure love.

Meditation in yoga is nothing more than going deeper than the surface of the mind/heart/emotions toward the true, soul nature. All of these concepts are related to the deeper qualities of the zodiac sign Cancer, and will be full force for the next two months or so, starting on this eclipse.

Surfing a Tidal Wave of Emotion.

Eclipses magnify things. This is because, during those moments, the orbits of the sun, moon, and Earth are aligned. Lunar eclipses magnify emotions anyway, but this one especially will create a massive tidal wave of emotion. This is because it is in the sign of Cancer, which is watery and rules the ocean. So get ready for a flood of emotion that may drown you—or a flood of love that will nurture you.

As a new surfer, I can tell you that sometimes the biggest waves are the most intimidating, but they also take us farther more quickly. But we need the courage (of the experience) to mount that big wave. However, in this case, we don’t really have the choice. The wave is coming for us whether we want it to or not. So grab your surfboard; you’re going for a ride!

Celestial Star Connections.

The Nakshatra (star) on the eclipse is Aslesha, which has to do with a slithering serpent, entangling and embracing something of the world that we find beautiful, and that we hope will give us power. Of course, the highest beauty and the greatest power is G-d, our true self. But until we know the true self, and our inner beauty, we are enticed by outer forms of beauty.

Beware of hypnotic attachments to sex, glamour, and power over others. Be careful of passive-aggressive manipulation. Really examine what you are “tangled up” in. When we are tangled up in truth and pure love, we are taken straight to the source. When we are tangled up in desire and seduced by its outer form, our energy is depleted.

So, beware of the toxic bite of maya (illusion) now. But also remember that serpents evoke deeper mystical powers. What was once poisonous can become a great elixir once we are connected to truth. In a more practical sense, anything that gets that much of our attention has enormous potential. So elevating desire toward devotion is at the heart of the transformation we seek now.

But if not, we may fall into that pit of despair made popular in this famous song.

“Once upon a time I was falling in love
But now I’m only falling apart
And there’s nothing I can do
A total eclipse of the heart
Once upon a time there was light in my life
But now there’s only love in the dark
Nothing I can say
A total eclipse of the heart”

Total Eclipse of the Heart.

This eclipse is literally like the song “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler, with the moon being plunged into darkness, and into its own sign of feeling and emotional depth. It’s not a great time to make relationship decisions, or decisions with other intimates or family members for several days after the eclipse. You may be triggered emotionally for several days before and after this eclipse

So again, to restate, pure forms of love and devotion are greatly magnified today. Any kind of impure feeling, substance (beware of intoxicants now), or desire can be extremely painful and confusing for the next two months or so.

This lunar eclipse is to help us awaken qualities of divine motherhood, which only knows how to give and nourish. It is not self-interested. It does not need to be reciprocated.

Keep that in mind today and for the next couple of months.

Below is a video I made describing this eclipse. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel here to be notified of new videos.



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Author: Sam Geppi
Image: Elephant Journal Instagram
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