January 24, 2018

Rare Super Blue Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse kicks off a new 6-month Chapter.

On January 31st—for the first time in over 150 years in North America and many other parts of the world—there will be a super, blue, blood moon total lunar eclipse occurring in the evening sky.

The last one occurred in 1866, and although there was also a blue moon lunar eclipse in 1982, it was only in the Eastern Hemisphere.

A blue moon takes place approximately once every 2.7 years, hence the saying “once in a blue moon,” so this “once in a super, blue, blood moon total lunar eclipse” is an extremely rare astronomical phenomenon.

A quick break down of why this is a super blue blood moon eclipse:

The moon is classed as “super” when it’s at its nearest point to planet Earth on its elliptical path; therefore, it will appear up to 30 percent bigger and brighter in the sky.

A “blue” moon occurs whenever there are two full moons in the same month. (The first was January 1st.)

It is known as a “blood moon” due to the copper-red colour visible on the surface of the moon when there is a total lunar eclipse. During an eclipse, the moon does not receive direct sunlight from the sun—and instead, the glow we see is refracted through Earth’s dusty atmosphere. This means that this full moon will likely be a red blue full moon.

A “lunar eclipse” happens due to the sun, planet Earth, and Earth’s moon being in a straight line—and Earth sits between the sun and moon. As Earth is positioned in the middle of the sun and the moon, it temporarily blocks the sun’s bright rays from reaching the moon; which means we instead see the moon filtered through Earth’s shadow, giving the moon an eerie red glow.

Full moons are always energetically potent, powerful, creative, and intensely magical times. The cosmic vibes emanating from a blue moon or a super moon are believed to be multiple times more powerful than on a regular full moon; so, on January 31st, lunar energy will be highly charged and at its most intense.

To add to the celestial enchantment, this illuminated full moon will also be the third super moon in a row, and it marks the close of a six-month chapter. Therefore, certain things we have been going through since August 2017 will come to an end. (Click here for more details.)

The full moon takes place in the zodiac sign of Leo, and there hasn’t been a similar celestial event in Leo for hundreds of years. This marks a turning point in our lives and will bring in major shifts that catapult us to new horizons, particularly on a spiritual level.

As Leo is king/queen of the jungle, we are being called to fully take ownership of our lives and place ourselves as top priority—something that many of us may feel is selfish, or difficult to do. However, prioritising our emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health is the least selfish thing we can do, because unless we are functioning harmoniously, nothing—and no one around us—will function as well as we hope either.

When we are tired, fatigued, burnt out, and depleted energy-wise, our relationships, family dynamics, careers, hobbies, interests, and general peace of mind can all suffer dramatically. Therefore, taking care of ourselves is absolutely vital if we want other areas of our lives to be well-cared for, healthy, and balanced too. To live empowered and embody the essence of a king or queen, we first need to clear out anything that pulls our energy downward.

Super blue blood moons are sometimes referred to as a “wild card moon” in astrology, as they bring in unpredictable energies—which basically means that our lives could be running smoothly and then suddenly be turned upside down. This is nothing to worry about; however, as with all moon activity, everything that occurs happens for our highest good.

And usually, not getting what we’ve hoped for results in us getting exactly what we need in the long term. Therefore, if things don’t go to plan, be patient as the reason behind the temporary turbulence soon reveals itself, though only if we are willing to remain open and surrender to the universe’s chaotic push-and-pull tide.

This impressive, supercharged full moon has maximum energetic influence and has the capacity to heighten the powerful outcome of anything we ask of it. It will bring in numerous plot twists, so that anything not meant for us will gently dissipate. Closed doors and roadblocks are clear signs that we aren’t heading in the right direction, so we just need to take a little detour and find the paths destined for us.

When we accept what comes and fearlessly embrace new possibilities and uncertainties, we leave the door wide open for miraculous new beginnings. We also create a major shift in our soul that sends a loud and clear, “Yes, I am ready!” message out to the universe. This elevates us to higher frequencies where we will naturally and effortlessly magnetise positive experiences and attract rich and highly rewarding relationships.

This super moon is an immensely healing and transformational one, as it signifies the start of a new six-month chapter. If we are ready and willing to release what no longer nourishes us, we will destroy old patterns of behaviour and clear stagnant emotional energy, so that we vibrate faster and lighter. To do this, we must let go of any deep destructive thoughts and feelings, and release any emotional pain we have been holding on to. We must also forgive ourselves and others for any harm that has been caused up to this point.

This full moon is a time for manifesting, so it is essential that we are clear about what we want to bring into our lives over the next six months—and most importantly that whatever we ask for aligns with our heart and soul’s needs and desires.

For our hopes, dreams, and goals to actualise, it is vital that we fully believe in ourselves and our magnificent capacity to create the life we want—as the energy we send out attracts and pulls in other energies vibrating on the same wavelength.

A quick guide to manifesting:

Our thoughts and feelings vibrate outward and create our reality; so at all times, be mindful of the signals radiating from your energy field. Clear out resistance and any doubtful and fearful repetitive thinking.

Ensure that our thoughts and feelings are aligned; otherwise, we send confusing mixed messages.

Let go of negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, as they are draining and lower our vibration.

Write down a plan and be absolutely clear about what we hope to achieve over the next six months—and beyond, if called to do so—and ensure it includes a step-by-step guide to bring us closer to our goals.

Trust the process. And also, trust your intuition and inherent inner ability to safely guide your journey. The soul knows where it is going; the trick is to silence the noisy, worrying mind.

Meditate daily and reaffirm your intentions with a positive mindset.

We must work hard and put in maximum effort to reach our goals, so that whatever we hope to manifest has the greatest opportunity to fruition.

Each time you receive a sign that the manifestation is working, send gratitude to the universe for co-creating and aligning energy so that your plans fluidly flow.

It is highly recommended to meditate as often as possible during a full moon and to carry out a manifestation ritual to kick-start plans into action.

To find out what time this super moon will be at its fullest in your area please click here.




Full Moon Manifestation Ritual.


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