February 26, 2018

The March 1st Full Moon in Virgo is Bringing some Much Needed Closure.

*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.

The first of two full moons in March will appear late on March 1st or early on the 2nd, depending on location, and will be sitting at the 11th degree of Virgo.

The number 11 is an awakening code in numerology, so there will be some major energy shifts coming our way.

Change will be happening thick and fast and, due to the moon being in opposition to Neptune, much of the change will be surrounding deception within our intimate relationships. This will be mostly due to our intuition being out of sync, when usually a full moon heightens our intuition and psychic senses. This means that during this full moon we may feel paranoid and believe our fearful and suspicious thoughts to be true, with jealousy, insecurity, and controlling behaviours rising to the surface.

This may all sound like we’re in for a terrible, tumultuous full moon, but, as with everything moon-phase related, it is all for our higher good, and necessary to clear out our shadow emotions and beliefs so that we can work through our unhealed emotional wounds and wipe out karmic energies that have been holding us back and causing us to feel triggered. The turbulent energy won’t last for long; however, the lasting effects of what happens throughout this phase may cause our perspectives to permanently shift, as we awaken and open our eyes to the actual state of our love lives.

It is highly likely that our dreams, or possibly nightmares, may be more intense as this moon comes into full fruition, and it’s worth being aware that it could be during sleep that we experience the greatest amount of turmoil. Whether we remember our dreams or not, what we dream about can significantly influence how we feel throughout the day. So if we are dreaming about disturbing things, such as our partner cheating on us, or of a dysfunctional love dynamic, it is likely that we will feel restless, irritable, and maybe even angry as we go about our day.

Our doubtful and untrusting mind may cause a variety of difficulties as we get caught up in imaginary scenarios—particularly from the last days of February through the first week of March. We may be struggling to differentiate a truth from a lie, and will not know who is being genuine or deceptive. For those who are usually highly intuitive, this can pose great problems, as when all else fails, their gut instinct is there to steer them in the right direction.

Not so during this intense, emotional, supercharged full moon, and for many of us, the only option will be to sit tight and wait for the storm to pass; though, at the same time, it is vital to keep our wits about us, to remain alert, and to pay attention to every nuance, because it won’t be long before everything falls back into place and answers are revealed.

Until then, it will seem that our circumstances are full of misconceptions, misunderstandings, and confusion, as we struggle to see who is on our side and who is secretly sticking knives in our back.

To top it off, our sensitivities will be off the scale, and we will want to emotionally react to things that we’d normally let pass. This may cause personality clashes with arguments and disagreements flaring up, and may even lead to closing doors on certain friendships or relationships. Though, if we are truthful with ourselves, these are the ones we probably should have ended long ago due to the amount of chaos they bring to our lives.

The full moon being in Virgo only adds to heightened tensions as it causes us to seek perfection, look for mistakes, and to criticise rather than chill out with our expectations and understand that we aren’t flawless ourselves. That said, we also deserve to be treated respectfully, so if people are consistently putting us down or taking advantage, this Virgo air will illuminate all that’s harmful in our lives and encourage us to surround ourselves with those who pull us up rather than down.

With all this happening, the best thing we can do is remain aware that energies are causing disorder and pandemonium, so there is no need to take it all personally, even though it will likely feel highly personal at the time.

Step back and observe rather than diving into the deep end, as although it may be tempting to put people straight and dish out a piece of our mind, all that happens is that we are dragged into other people’s chaos, and we won’t feel good about it when the drama settles down. It is also vital to remember that some people are energy vampires and will deliberately manipulate us to create chaotic scenes that can lower our vibration as they energetically feed off our volatile emotions—if we choose to let our thoughts and feelings spill out.

This is why it is important to remember the difference between responding and reacting, and to move out of harm’s way when possible, so that we do not get into futile, explosive conflicts and become emotionally and mentally drained.

The good news is that although this moon is choppy and unstable, it will show us who our true friends are. And while learning that someone is not our true friend can be temporarily hurtful, in the long run we are far better off knowing who is loyal, genuine, and clearly on our side.

As with all storms, we have a choice: we can go into self-protection/damage limitation mode and turn off our phones and take shelter, hibernate, and isolate for a few days to keep ourselves away from as much human interaction as possible, or we can confront the storm head on, ride it, and see what it’s here to teach us.

Whichever we choose, thankfully the moon is not full for long, so it won’t be too long before calmness and harmony return, and, in the meantime, there is a good chance we will be ending certain chapters in our lives, and even closing the book where some relationships are concerned—which may have been long overdue.







Author: Alex Myles
Image: Pixabay/Geralt
Editor: Travis May
Copy & Social Editor: Nicole Cameron

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