March 23, 2018

The Introverted Empath Needs Others more than we Know.


Creating community is one way for introverted empaths to find peace and balance in this outward-focused world.

I recently taught a yoga workshop for introverts. What arose in group sharing was that each introverted soul in the room was also an empath. A group of 10 sensitive strangers spent two hours reflecting on joys and concerns around being an introvert in an extrovert-hungry world.

We used words, dialogue, breath, and asana (yoga poses) to explore our nature in a safe and open way. We got vulnerable and found our mirror in others in the group and, for the most part, the reflections we saw in others were not based on what they said, but how they made us feel.

What I was reminded of was how the richness of the deep inner world of the introverted empath fosters a sense of connection almost instantaneously with perfect strangers.

The struggle that arose in this group of sensitive souls is a struggle I’ve wrestled with my whole life: the loneliness that can arise when others are overwhelmed, perhaps even intimidated, by our complete and utter presence—our magnetic desire to simply and authentically connect with another.

The workshop culminated as each student chose post-it drishtis (focal point) from a wall of words that spoke of students’ strengths and challenges around being introverted and empathic. Each student placed their post-it dristhi on the white wall at eye level as I cued them into tree pose.

On one leg, breathing into their bellies, eyes gazing at both their strength and challenge words, they found grounding in the here and now. As they breathed in the contrasting words, they released doubts and worries and their upper bodies softened into a sense of expansion and receptiveness.

This workshop seemed to enhance the empathic and highly sensitive people’s inner and outer work I had started a year and a half before, and added in a missing piece: the introversion/extroversion piece. The group of like-minded souls reminded me: you’re more than okay—you’re enough as you are. 

For the introvert, intentional gatherings are heavenly. We crave community just as much as our extroverted companions.

The importance of ongoing connection:

I’m excited to continue to do the work so that I can begin to share these offerings to the broader community. If you consider yourself an introverted empath and want to be a part of a greater community, coming together to raise consciousness and foster growth, support, and connection—reach out. I’d love to hear from you.

But you can also reach out in your local community, as face-to-face contact is extremely nourishing. Post a sign in a cafe or ask your local yoga studio if you can start a weekly or monthly group. Come up with your own creative way to build a community of like-hearted souls and feel free to share here. We lift each other up, one connection at a time.

And for the introverted-empath, connection (both inner and outer), is the seed that expands the roots of our personality to the soul.


Author: Sarah Theresa
Image: Allef Vinicius/Unsplash
Editor: Lieselle Davidson
Copy Editor: Sara Kärpänen


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