March 28, 2018

This is our Truth.

I believe that 9 times out of 10 people usually know what they want out of a scenario.

I believe that everyone has a little voice at the back of their mind, and this voice is usually the first one to react to something new. Sometimes, it will react with excitement, in that brief moment before fear kicks in.

This voice is the one that reaches for our dream—the one that knows where we want to go and what will make us happy in the long run. But we so often bury it with doubt and fear and self-consciousness, just as soon as it has its chance to speak.

Sometimes, this voice will react with distaste. Sometimes, this voice is the one that begs us to get out of a scenario because whatever is happening is killing our soul or our happiness or our dreams. Sometimes, we listen to this voice when this happens, and sometimes, we proceed to bury it beneath a so-called logic.

We have this strange tendency to keep trying to bury the voice.

And sometimes, the voice comes across as unrealistic. For example, when the voice is demanding that we quit our job immediately but there are still bills to be paid, we may teach the voice something about patience.

Overall, I think that the voice is incredibly important. Overall, I believe that this voice is where our truth lives. This voice is our satya

There might be many reasons we ignore the voice. Fear is a strong one. Sometimes, what the voice demands of us requires immense change—a change we do not know we are capable of.

The voice might put us at risk for rejection, disappointment, or failure, and all of this can be difficult to live with. The voice imagines beautiful, wondrous situations for us, and then our fear barges in to ask what we will do if those situations don’t become reality. And often, we don’t really have an answer.

But here’s the thing about fear: it’s necessary if we’re going to lead any sort of fulfilling life. 

When our world is about to change, then fear is going to creep up on us. If we don’t face it and keep going anyway, then our world stays the same. We never learn anything new. We never grow as individuals. Our situation in life never changes. Sure, facing our fear isn’t a guarantee that our situation will change, but not doing it is a guarantee that it won’t.

I’m not going to lie, I’m afraid. I’m making arrangements to move to a bigger town next year and going back to school, and the thought is terrifying. But all the same, my satya tells me that I need to do it. So I will swallow that fear, and I will do it.

And sometimes, we might need to find a balance between our truth and the world’s logic. Sometimes we are afraid for a valid reason, and we need to listen to our satya, but put it on hold for a moment. For example, we might need to stick with that dead-end, soul-crushing job, all while actively seeking out the job that the voice is pushing us toward. Sometimes the voice makes life difficult, and we might curse the voice for putting us in these situations.

But the thing about the voice is, even when we’re frustrated and we wish that we could do something else, we don’t truly mean it. When we give into the voice, then we know that we could not do anything else. We know that this is our only option to ever truly grow and develop and be happy—if not today, then at least tomorrow.

This voice is more purely us than anything that our fears and doubts and expectations might say. All we need to do is sit ourselves down, try to quiet everything else down, and truly listen.


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Author: Ciara Hall
Image: Jintae Kim/ Flickr 
Editor: Angel Lebailly
Copy & Social editor: Khara-Jade Warren


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