March 5, 2018

Time’s up to make women’s equality a reality. Here’s a way to help those most in need—now.

Waylon talks with Jessica Hansen of Kiva.org about how we can support female entrepreneurs around the world—over and over again.


Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis:

“What makes you burn brighter? …whatever it is that moves you, that drives you, you can do something. Give yourself permission to be the one who changes it.” ~ Jessica Hansen 




When you support Kiva’s mission by investing in global entrepreneurs, it isn’t a donation—it’s a loan. From farmers and artists, to educators and retail business owners, you choose who and what your money goes to.

Globally, over 70 percent of women cannot borrow money—they have zero access to funding of any kind, which is why organizations like Kiva are critical players in the push for gender equality. In honor of International Women’s Day, Kiva is aiming to support 10,000 women around the world by March 8th.







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