March 19, 2018

Our Love is an Ongoing search through a Dark Wood.

Walking in the Woods with Soldiers

When he was back—
talking never seemed to take shape between us.
I tried to sculpt a home
using the greys in our apartment—
mold some thoughts into a silvery laugh together

they took shape like a thick smoke
and escaped through the open window
as soon as they rose

but he would still walk me backward
cross the threshold—
marveling at my trust;
something he lost quickly
holding his gun in the desert—
He would still
place his lips on mine—but with different energy
everything different—
Our love now
an ongoing search
through a dark wood—

and it gave me the notion
to get out of the city.
to go walk in the woods—
spend time
With the evergreens
get to know
sunlit space

maybe I—
I could learn something about
this new creature

He packed his camera—
took black and whites
in between the trees
competing for daylight

And on the mountain top
he said he wished we were alone—
as hikers plodded by us with selfie sticks

blinking at the high sun, I suddenly felt
it was me in the desert—

Our dreams
Never could learn to
use their lungs
Even though I tried—

I tried to conspire
With mountain air.


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Author: Amanda Anastasio
Image: Dan Cook/Unsplash 
Editor: Catherine Monkman
Copy & Social Editor: Nicole Cameron

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