March 20, 2018

Your Spiritual Guide to Spring Cleaning.


Spring is around the corner!

The days are finally becoming longer and brighter. All of the light and warmth is charging us up with new, fresh energy.

And with that brightness streaming in through the windows, we can see the murkiness that we might have ignored all winter—the dust on the windowsill, the clutter in the closet, the sleepiness that might have crept into your life as you hibernated through the winter, and the lethargy and staleness that can come from dreary days.

As this light shines on us, we have the perfect opportunity to see exactly what is mucking things up, cluttering our big visions, and holding us back from our goals. Spring is the perfect time to cleanse and clear! It’s time to take the weight of the world off of your shoulders, get clear on your goals, stop playing small, and shine!

So, let’s get to it! Here are some suggestions on how to cleanse and clear your emotional energy, physical body, and environmental space in order to do a full “Spiritual Spring Cleaning.”

Get Quiet, and Get Honest.

Time for a bit of introspection. Take a look back at your New Year’s resolutions. Did you make a vision board or set any intentions this year?

If yes, re-evaluate them. What is working? What is not? Has anything on your vision board come into reality yet? If yes, how grateful does that make you feel? If your visions are not yet reality, take a moment to reflect upon why.

How about your resolution? Have you achieved it? Was it too easy, or maybe too unrealistic? The goals we set in January can evolve and change by April, so there is no shame if your plans have not quite clicked. Release any judgement as you adjust course according to your new priorities or anything that has come up over the past few months.

If you did not set any intentions or create a vision board, you could get cracking on it now! January and the new year is really an arbitrary time to set goals anyway. Yes, it is nice to do and a tradition I follow, but the time of year really has nothing to do with how successful you will be or how powerful the intention was.

Looking forward into the light of spring, what do you want to do with the rest of your year? How do you want to feel? It’s never too late to create the foundation for a life you love.

Take this transition into spring to get quiet, and listen to your spirit. Set a vision that will carry you into the sunshine. Plant those intentions like seeds that will come into bloom!

Look (really look!) at Your Space.

Your environment at home is easily the most obvious target for spring cleaning, and can really have a huge effect on your emotional well-being.

Clutter (and then, eventually, mess) can be a product of our busy modern lifestyles…and materialism. We slog through work all day to pay for a giant house, and then we need to spend money to fill up the giant house with stuff…but the stuff is never enough. I invite you to use this spring to live a little more simply.

Am I suggesting you sell your house and move into a trailer? Well, yeah, if that is what is calling to you, babe! But you don’t have to be extreme to begin living more simply.

You can declutter your kitchen by seeing how many plates, cups, bowls, and so on you have, and then ask yourself: how many do you really use? How many freebie coffee mugs are sitting in your cabinets? How many Tupperware lids that have nowhere to go, because you left the container at the last school pot luck? What are you actually using? What can you say goodbye to?

Same goes for your closets, of course! I know I can be guilty of buying something on sale, never wearing it, and letting it sit in my closet for a year with the tags still on it. Take a peek and see what you really wear and what you really need. You can sell your gently used stuff or donate it. No need to go into this summer and spring with jeans that don’t fit, sweaters that itch, or clothes that don’t make you feel like a babe.

This doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You can tackle simple tasks like kitchen cabinets, the kids’ toys, or the bathroom medicine cabinet. I know I feel a sense of ease when I just clean my wallet out, removing random cards and receipts that I tend to hang on to. Start small!

Shed the Winter Dullness.

It’s self-care time! Do something for your body. You know that shell that holds your spirit, your “god-pod,” your human suit? Whatever you want to call it, the mind-body connection is powerful, and your body needs just as much care as your spirit. Do something that makes you feel cleaner, lighter, and more radiant.

It can be as simple as doing a dry brushing routine you get in the shower. A coarse, natural bristle brush and a bit of self-love goes a long way. Dry brush your body, working your way upward in long strokes. Shed the dead skin, and allow yourself to feel lighter!

Treating yourself to a haircut, just to trim off the dead ends even, can be a sweet way to welcome spring. You could treat yourself to a facial at a spa, or make a simple oatmeal mask for your face at home. Coconut oil and sugar can make a sweet body scrub. Don’t worry too much about being luxurious; it’s more about the cleansing intention behind your ritual.

Lightwork (Not Lysol).

Well, maybe some Lysol too. Or another cleaner that is more environmentally friendly! But when cleaning for spring, make sure to cleanse the energy as well. A rose-water spray, burning Palo Santo or sage, diffusing lemon oil—it does not have to be complicated, but pick a ritual that feels cleansing for you and your space! You can imagine a beautiful, white light coming in and shining and clearing your space. If you know Reiki, you can even visualize the symbols on the wall to clear.

Happy spring! Here’s to living in the light!


Bonus: Tim Brod—King of the Bees.





Author: Logan Kinney
Image: Pixabay/Prawny
Editor: Travis May
Copy & Social Editor: Callie Rushton

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