April 20, 2018

A Love Letter to the Elements.

Since ancient times, humans have understood that the universe is made of different combinations—energetically and physically—of four basic elements: earth, air, water, and fire, while bound by the fifth, ether or spirit.

Each corresponding to one of the four directions, the elements are often called upon when creating sacred space for ritual and ceremony, as the assisting energy of these powerful forces can provide incredible support to any intention.

Everywhere our senses meet the material world, we experience some expression of the elements, and all the while, great Spirit is propelling the dance of unity among us.

Not only are we made up of them, but they exist in the form of everything we need to survive. They are food, water, shelter, and warmth. They are our greatest teachers and the delicate yet fierce limbs of our great Mother Earth. In every moment, they offer some lesson to us—if we can open our eyes to see it and humble ourselves to receive the blessing.

They lead by example, and they remind us when we need to be more respectful to them as well as ourselves.

Often, in our hectic lives and personal dramas, we forget to honor them, to thank them. We end up taking advantage of them, neglecting them, and hurting them. We forget that they are us and we are them. They, in essence, make up our body, mind, and soul and that of our brothers and sisters, our family. When we disrespect them, we are doing the same to ourselves.

It is our choice to step into a harmonious relationship with the elements, to communicate with them, adore them, and love them.

We can get to know and understand them in their unique essences, communing in the physical or spiritual plane. We can acknowledge them with all of the praise and affection that we would a true love, or as we would when praying to God or Goddess. We can ask for guidance and assistance. We can offer gratitude and devotion.

Next time you are in nature and you see a flower, try kneeling down beside it to confess your love. Try making out with the rain. Try embracing the wind. Try writing your own love letter to the elements, and observe the way your entire relationship with life transforms.

Blessed Earth Day!

A love letter to the elements:

Beloved Earth, I offer you my gratitude for spreading your lush fertile body all across the landscapes of my life.

Yours is the sweet caress of green velvet against my skin, the rugged restlessness of a winding dirt road. Your curves are robust and mountainous—how you age with such beauty and grace. You support me in a way that lifts my heart and humbles me.

Your strength exists with infinite balance. I feel whole and stable in your presence, when my feet sink into the moist trail of understanding. Your roots spiral in a dance toward your center, intertwining and mimicking strands of DNA. Your bosom nourishes the babes, some in the form of small animals. Yours is the enchanting canopy that shelters a wandering soul, and the tease of a shiny red apple, hanging just a little out of reach. Your bark is textured in ways so miraculous, and your leaves are like tears of joy radiating green light.

The way you bloom inspires me endlessly, with colorful vibrations of fanned petals around the crown of each stem. The way you crack and shape-shift as you expand, ever evolving.

You feel it when those around you hurt you, and sometimes can’t help but show it. You are forgiving and generous—so incredibly generous. Your patterns are intricate, your body an art form. You are my rock. You are my roots. You are my home.

Beloved air, I offer you my gratitude for filling my lungs with every breath.

For kissing me with life like no one else can; how can I ever show you how much I adore you?

Yours is the subtle stream of wind that carries me from one moment to the next. Yours is the passionate breeze that brushes my cheek and has me blushing all the way home. You take my hand when no one else does. You embrace me when no one else does. Your love is absolutely unconditional. You are the enigma of longing.

I am entirely enthralled by your mystery and your shyness to show yourself. You are the one who pushes me forward, who always has my back, who motivates my movement, and calms me when I feel afraid.

You carry gifts to me when I least expect them. Sometimes they are tangible and fall at my feet. Other times they surprise me when I inhale—scents of melting chocolate or patchouli rose. I love it when you kiss me on the nose. It is almost as powerful as when you kiss me on the lips, with life, as you do.

You are my breath of life, and I cherish you deeply.

Beloved water, I offer you my gratitude for you are the bubbling spring that is the sacred source of my heart’s nourishment.

You are my blood: you move about me and through me. You are the cleansing rain, always there to remind me of my purity and innocence. You understand the truth of this better than anyone.

You’ve shown me how to be adaptable and to flow with grace. Yours is the sweet nectar dripping from the tree and from a lover. Yours is the oceanic openness that envelops treasure and shelters the mystery of a fantastic dream of ancient secrets. You are the fragrant mist that sprinkles like fairy dust on my skin, and the snowflakes that hang like stars on my eyelashes, having fallen from the sky.

I love that the moon drives you, and the way you interact with her. You have shown me how to relate with others, with myself, and with life. You have taught me about the sacred ebbs and flows and the true meaning of trust.

Beloved, you are so adventurous—you jump off cliffs and, humble and curious, wind yourself through the mountains. Yours is the smooth sensuality that soothes me, so I savor ever single moment in its temporal totality. Yours is the watery womb that quenches the thirst of each divine seed. You are so supportive, carrying me across shadowy depths when I need you most. Water, you are the sensitive, sacred flow of love, fearless to show your emotions. I love that you allow yourself to cry, to feel, to rain down authenticity. I am nourished by your openness, and I will always love you to the ocean’s infinite depths.

Beloved fire, I offer you my gratitude for warming my heart with your presence.

You are in every way the light of my life. Your passion is contagious. I feel the flames of inspiration arise, and I’m captivated as I watch you dance as you do. You inspire my creativity.

Sometimes, in very special moments, you show me secrets of violet hues that hide in your favorite layered gown of oranges and yellows. Baby, you are so damn hot. You make me sweat when you dance so erotically—that sacred seed of life that drips upward from the top of a candle.

I feel protected by you and the way you watch over me, smiling and radiating light. You help me to see clearly through the darkness. When I am confused and lost and somehow stuck, you are always there to brighten my path. You are wise in your wisdom and guidance. You are intense, and I love it because it is so honest. You are the light of my life, and the warmth in my heart.

Beloved Spirit, I offer you my gratitude.

I am you and you are me. You are all-encompassing and through you, I am free.



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Author: Sarah Dobbin
Image: PxHere
Editor: Catherine Monkman
Copy & Social Editor: Yoli Ramazzina


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