April 5, 2018

3 Tools & a Ritual to Kick-start your Own Witchcraft Practice.

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What I’m about to say may surprise you.

Witchcraft is a practice that can benefit anyone. Skeptical? Let me explain.

Think of it like yoga. Some people dedicate their lives to that practice, while others attend classes pretty regularly, and still others do a sun salutation once a month and call it good. I would argue that regardless of their intensity and dedication, each of those people is experiencing benefits from yoga. The same principle can be applied to witchcraft.

In my nearly three decades of being a practicing witch, I’ve learned a lot.

Wanna know the secret to witchcraft? Are you ready for it? It all comes down to this: witches are powerful people with a laser-like focus on bringing their intentions to fruition. This is imperative, so I’ll say it again. Witches set goals, then they focus intently to make those goals reality.

In order to strengthen focus and thus more easily manifest our goals, we employ a number of tools in rituals (think of them as intention exercises if “ritual” doesn’t feel right). Here are the three that are most helpful for someone looking to bring a little witchcraft into their life, followed by a simple exercise to kick-start the magic in you.

1. Tools of the craft.

A notebook and a writing implement. In my opinion, these are the only “tools” that you really need to get started. Writing down your intentions, what you’ve done to manifest them, and the results of your actions are the key to success in so many areas of life, and witchcraft is no different. You can make this notebook as simple or as detailed as you like, but my recommendation is to have a dedicated book for your practice (don’t just scribble your intentions in the same place where you jot grocery lists).

A candle. There’s an entire field of magical studies around candle magic–what colors correspond to what intentions and how to interpret the movement of the flame are hot topics for some, but all you need to know right now is that candles are a great tool for focusing. As with the notebook, I recommend having a candle or candles that you only use for your practice.

Treating your magical tools as if they’re special will help impress upon your own mind the importance of your intentions. “Chime” candles are typically used widely by witches, and they’re inexpensive and available in virtually every color imaginable. If you’re just going to get one color, get white, as it can stand in for any other color in a pinch.

A crystal. Even more than with candles, crystals are a subject that you could study endlessly—plus, they’re really pretty, so it’s easy to feel like you need many of those sparkly babies. But you’re overdoing it if you buy more than two before you even know what you want to use them for. The first crystal to get for your witchy quiver is clear quartz. It helps you achieve your goals and it’s an excellent crystal for protection, so it’s the perfect all-purpose starter crystal.

2. The Ritual.

Choose a time and place. Schedule a quiet time and place (sometimes that’s easier said than done) where you can be alone for 10 minutes to half an hour. This is important. You need to be able to take 10 minutes for yourself once in a while—not just to kick start your practice, but for your own well-being. You’ll use this time to focus on your intentions and visualize yourself living in the new and improved reality you’ve created.

Set your intention. This is the most important part! Know that you don’t have to solve all your problems right here and now. Instead, think of something simple and achievable within a finite amount of time. Phrase your intention in a positive way. Rather than, “I won’t eat junk food anymore,” try, “I will make healthier food choices.” And put a reasonable time goal on your intention. “I will make healthier food choices forever” is not a reasonable goal for most people. “I will make healthier food choices until the next full moon” is doable. Choose this manifestation date and make it part of your intention.

Cast your spell. Are you ready? Gather your materials and sit down in a comfortable place where you’re able to set your lit candle nearby, and where you can easily write in your notebook. Hold your crystal in your hand and take a few deep breaths. Light your candle and stare into the flame while holding your intention in your mind. Open your book, write down the date, and write your intention while staying as focused as you can on your spell.

Yes, this is a spell. You’re literally spelling out your intention and your will. You are casting a spell. Speak your intention. Be present in the words, and feel your will sharpen…feel the magic occurring. Speak it until you’ve memorized it, then speak it while you stare into the flame of your candle. Feel the crystal in your hand and know that it, too, is memorizing your intention and is tuning into your will, like a radio. When you’ve finished, speak the words “so will it be,” and extinguish your candle (a lot of witches say “so mote it be,” but that feels strange to me. Either way is fine.) Put your materials away, and appreciate the strength you feel—that’s all you, shining brightly.

Once you’ve cast the spell, check in with your intention regularly. As in the aforementioned yoga example, you can spend as much or as little energy on bringing your intention to fruition. Just know that the more time and energy you spend on your intention, the better your results will likely be. I recommend repeating the spell at least once a week until the manifestation date, at which point you’ll assess your progress and decide on a future course of action.

You did it! You tapped into the power of witchcraft and let your inner witch shine. I bet you’ll find you enjoy her company, and the power she can bring to your life.

So will it be!


Author: Leah Welborn
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Editor: Sara Kärpänen
Copy editor:  Travis May

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