April 29, 2018

April 29/30 Scorpio Full Moon: Time to Delete the Old & Start Anew.

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The next full moon will be on April 29 or 30 (depending on location) in the constellation of electric, magnetic, charismatic Scorpio.

It brings with it an intense, all-consuming energy phase that questions the sincerity of our closest relationships and how comfortable we feel when communicating our innermost feelings and desires.

Scorpio’s energy can often feel brutal, compulsive, and irrational. So this moon phase is likely to bring out our extremes, meaning we may feel immense love and passion one minute—and high levels of anger or hatred the next.

The moon is enigmatic and empowering whichever phase it is in, however, the full moon in Scorpio brings super-charged energy. Adding to its strength, the full moon is “sextile” Saturn—sextiles occur when two celestial bodies are approximately 60 degrees apart. We will all feel this moon’s intensity, regardless of which zodiac sign we are born under, but those born under Scorpio will be affected far more than others.

Saturn’s involvement represents the hardships and struggles we keep putting ourselves through. This planet is known as a wise and knowledgeable teacher that pushes our buttons and triggers us so that we see our unpleasant and self-destructive behavioural patterns. It reminds us that although some lessons are traumatic to learn, they prevent us from repeating painful mistakes, so rather than resisting and continuing the cycle of innate suffering, we can break old habits and courageously choose to remove ourselves from karmic attachments and entanglements.

Scorpio’s powerful vibration has been building over this past week and many will have already felt the disruption, strength, and intensity emanating from it, and have seen how it has heightened existing tensions by presenting through obsessions, jealousies, arguments, frustrations, and disagreements.

It is possible the majority of us will be feeling anxious, impatient, forceful, and dominant as the moon moves into its fullest form. Frazzled nerves and tempers will likely flare out of nowhere, causing conflict within our lives and intimate relationships. We may even have become temporarily or permanently separated from those we were in close relationships with, as this lunar energy charges in and shakes everything in its wake.

Scorpios are emotionally intense, intriguing, and notoriously private characters and they are known to be wary, suspicious, and have trust issues. Under Scorpio’s overbearing energy, we may have felt more introverted than normal and have hibernated away, as under this cosmic energy, we will find it difficult to be direct and communicate exactly how we feel.

Even though our emotions will be heightened, we will probably maintain a cool exterior and hide our true feelings, regardless of what is going on internally. Scorpio’s immense emotional and passionate energy can be overwhelming at times, which can terrify the emotionally unavailable types. This is why those born under this sign are possibly the most misunderstood and feared, and the reason they keep most of their feelings to themselves.

One of the most significant things we need to remember as this moon illuminates fully is that Scorpio has a nasty sting in its tail, and once they inflict that pain on someone, they are unlikely to feel guilt or remorse. As long as the other person suffers more, Scorpio walks away feeling justified, believing that had the line not been crossed, they wouldn’t have felt the need to deliver a vengeful and deliberate final blow.

Another vital thing to remember is that Scorpio also has the longest, most detailed memory, so once they’ve been wronged, they won’t wait around to see if things can be put right. Therefore, anyone who behaves cruelly and callously during this moon period is likely to receive their last marching orders, and despite how irresistible they may be, or how much they plead for forgiveness, second chances will be unlikely.

This will mean that we will either sever relationships, or we’ll find ourselves on the receiving end, being told that someone we care deeply for no longer wants us in their lives. Either way, as painful as it may be to accept this, under Scorpio’s influence it is generally the least sincere relationships that are brought to a sudden close, so while it might be temporarily heartbreaking, in the long run, we will see that the ending was for our own good, and that it left space for more authentic connections.

Scorpio doesn’t do “fake” anything, so we will quickly become aware of anyone around us who is wearing a mask and is full of false pretenses, and we won’t hesitate to take a match and burn those bridges. During this energetic lunar wave, we may seem to others as though we’re handling things well, and appear unaffected on the surface, but internally, there will be a chaotic storm.

Although Scorpio can seem hard-hearted and aloof, it is only self-protection, as they’re incredibly sensitive souls. Therefore, to prevent a visible, explosive roller-coaster ride, they desperately attempt to control their emotions and usually succeed in hiding them well. During this full moon, regardless of our zodiac sign, this is how the majority of people who are highly sensitive to energy will feel.

Despite how challenging and volatile Scorpio is, it will be a period where our intuition—or even psychic ability—peaks, and we see through people with clarity. This helps us to successfully untangle the complex reasons that we’ve allowed dysfunctional dynamics to remain, and brings us to an understanding of the true reason that certain people are in our lives.

This can feel like we are being dragged through the mud at times, as we find that those we used to love being around are now intolerable, and we feel compelled to have firm boundaries, to delete and block numbers and social media accounts, and even to remove our presence from others’ lives.

After this Scorpio moon, we will have gained invaluable insights that allow us to identify our one-sided relationships. This means that if someone or something is causing us pain, we won’t think twice before cutting cords and letting them go. We will be in a no-nonsense mood, focused intently on maintaining our own inner peace and happiness, rather than putting all and sundry first. Most importantly, we will remember our inherent value and refuse to negotiate our self-worth, regardless of how hard releasing people tugs at our heartstrings.

Scorpio moon is a dramatic game-changer, and is immensely healing.

It ultimately leads us on an exhilarating journey, where we receive the opportunity to “feng shui” our friendships and partnerships so that we can prioritise the ones that are genuine and trustworthy, and to discover the pleasure in equally giving and receiving deeper levels of passion and love. All moon phases work on behalf of our highest good, so all we can do is surrender, allow what’s meant to be to stay, and let anything harmful be released as the moon changes phases.

This is going to be a highly emotional and transformational time that highlights and helps us change habitual and negative thought patterns, and finally heals our oldest, open wounds. The best and only thing we can do is to keep moving through the tough days, knowing they are simply clearing the way to leave room for healthy, meaningful relationships.

A full moon ritual:

Following a salt water bath on the evening of the full moon, if it is possible, find a comfortable place outdoors to sit beneath the moon, preferably by water, such as a lake or the ocean.

This particular full moon is a powerful time to release and unburden ourselves from any pain or suffering. We can view it as a shedding of skin as we are reborn into a new chapter, with the opportunity to transform our mindsets through a shift in our world view.

We can change our perception at any moment, however, a full moon ritual affirms our inner transformation and significantly marks the moment of our dedication to a life of balance, peace, and harmony.

All we need is a bowl of water, a floating candle, and, if possible, some rose petals or rose essential oil, as April’s full moons are known as “pink full moons,” and the color pink is associated with healing vibrations.

Fill the bowl with water—if possible from the ocean or lake, otherwise water with pink Himalayan salt or natural sea salt is a suitable option.

Place the bowl on the ground in front of you and light the floating candle in the bowl. Then drop in the rose oil or pink petal leaves. If you have pink crystals, these can also be placed in the water to enhance the effects of the ritual.

Write on a piece of paper anything you wish to release. It can be a word, a sentence, or entire paragraphs full of detail—whatever feels necessary to purge at the time.

Read out loud what has been written and then immerse the piece of paper in the water so that the painful energy radiating from the memories can be cleansed and transformed.

The flame from the floating candle is a purifier and will neutralize any negativity emanating from the note and will also symbolize our firm intention to let go of any pain attached to it.

Burning sage at the end of this ritual will assist with cleansing any negative energy that lingers and will charge the atmosphere with a positive vibration.

We can then ground and center ourselves by drinking a glass of water with a few sprinkles of pink Himalayan salt in it, while remaining aware that we are safely supported by the earth below us.





Author: Alex Myles
Image: Pexels
Editor: Catherine Monkman
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