April 3, 2018

Gold Medal Olympian Explains how to stay Positive when we Feel Stressed.

“Good vibes only, straight up the whole time.” ~ Jamie Anderson, gold medal Olympian.


You know, the concept of “high vibes” or “good vibes” can be really annoying to hear sometimes.

When we have challenges, illnesses, or frustrations, this idea of only aligning with good thoughts seems impossible—or even naive.

But in this video, Jamie Anderson—snowboarder and gold medal Olympian—shows us a good example of how we can stay centered and stay positive when the stress is on and we need to focus.

Good vibes doesn’t mean avoidance; rather, it is a choice. If we have goals we want to reach, success we want to give ourselves, and achievements that we think will be fulfilling on our life journey—then we need to be able to choose where we place our focus.

Jamie chose good vibes only, and it sure worked out well for her:



Feel more Positive in 10 Seconds Flat (5 Tips).


Author: Ruth Lera
Image: screenshot
Editor: Yoli Ramazzina
Copy Editor: Travis May

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Ruth Lera

Ruth Lera is a mindfulness meditation teacher, energy healer, natural intuitive, writer, boreal forest loiterer, and author of the book Walking the Soul Path; An Energetic Guide to Being Human.

She is also the creator of the Self Healing Community an online portal for tapping into your innate healing abilities.

Besides being a regular contributor for Elephant Journal, Ruth shares her thoughts on energy healing and the universe on her blog, Facebook page, and Twitter.