April 5, 2018

My long-lost Love: a Reunion.

When you’ve broken up…and have been apart from each other for several years—and then…you’re reunited.


I think the thing I may love the most
is the smell of you in the morning.

That strong, earthy scent,
a subtle hint of tobacco.

You’re so warm,

You excite me—
my senses awaken.

I take you into me…
just a sip, at first,
and then…




You make me come alive—
fingertips tingling,
heartbeat quickening,
eyes gleaming.

I am revitalized.

Old, familiar friend—
I’ve missed you, Coffee.




Take me Back to my Happy Place. {Poem}


Author: Yoli Ramazzina
Image: Flickr/Samantha Jade Royds
Copy editor: Catherine Monkman

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Travis May Apr 6, 2018 5:22pm

Ha! Love it. :) <3

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Yoli Ramazzina

Yoli Ramazzina is a California girl, born & raised. She is a poet, a dreamer at heart, and has been writing since she was 9 years old. Yoli is also a music lover and a retired KXLU deejay. These days she spends her time writing and practicing yoga. Things that make her heart happy include: her family, the wag of her dogs’ tails, the smell of rain, good music, and good friends.

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