May 10, 2018

Ditch Anxiety for a New Mental Diet. 

What is anxiety?
A new fad diet;
why not try it?

Oh, you have?
How did you like it?
Good results, huh?
Oh no, okay.

I will be sure
to stay away
from it entirely.
What are some others?
Mental diets I mean.

I am looking for a change.
Peace and quiet
seems too monotonous.
Looking to hoist
that voice in my brain
made up of the boys
I once was.

They say there are more feels.
That’s slang for feelings.
In the market,
seedlings for brain soil.
Something to plant.
Positive self-talk?
Sounds cool.

Is it non-GMO?
I am looking
for something holistic.
Five birds with one stone
kind of seed.
Jack of all things
type of feelings.

Haven’t had that since I was 13.
Let’s try something new.
Spirituality? Isn’t that an ancient thing?
There’s gotta be something new.

Check in the back.
Anything new in stock?
Ya know,
like the next best thing?

I know we shouldn’t fix
what isn’t worth breaking.
Peace, love, and patience
seems too traditional;
maybe there’s a subliminal message?

Give me a second
while I think of my second favorite.
To hell with it!
Just give me the present moment.
I will take it.

Seems like that is ever-changing.
Seems like just what I need.
I just sit and feel
whatever is in front of me
and real?
Not the past or future. Just now?
Seems like its got some wow factor.

I will take a dozen present moments.
Stock me up.
I will be back next week
to refresh my inventory.

Unlimited supply,
just have to open your eyes.
Apply every day, every second.
Seems like a lot of work,
but at least it will be worth it.

Seems like a solid investment.
Here take my old feelings.
No use for them anymore.
Anxiety is arriving soon in the future.
Depression I have had in my garage too.
I will just forward my address
and ship them to you.

I will be moving soon, so no need to return them.
Just keep them for someone else to experience.
They are good life lessons for perspective.
I apologize I don’t have the manual for them anymore.
The feelings are pretty self-explanatory.

Well, gotta go now,
Gotta go home and play with my present moment.
I think my purchase was the right choice.
Thanks for addressing my concerns;
I’ll tell you how it turns out.



It’s Time to get Mindful AF.


Author: Ben Hobson
Image: Cassandra Hamer/Unsplash
Editor: Nicole Cameron
Copy Editor: Catherine Monkman

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