May 11, 2018

How to Speed Up your Dream Path—Call a Pal.

“Life’s path is about empathy. Compassion. Helping. Genuine joy. Feeling everything—blocking nothing. Living with a sense of celebration. Finding a way to do what we love, making money doing so, and being of benefit. It’s simple. It’s hard.” ~ Waylon Lewis


Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis:

Accountability is a huge help in staying motivated, so that’s why we created the Elephant Academy Buddy System to help you have fun, succeed, and save money.

Work together in cafés, enjoy movie nights with our video library, or call each other up to figure out challenging segments of the course. Your friend can be local or a world away (but you two only save $$$ if you both get accepted, so choose your friend wisely).

The total cost when you join with a friend is $1,200 USD (a savings of $500). Each of your $108 application fees are processed individually, and one of you pays the remaining balance: $984. Venmo, PayPal, or buy your buddy coffee (for-here!) for the next year to split the cost.

How do you apply? Simple: fill out an application and enter your friend’s name and email address at the end—we’ll send them their very own application to fill out, and you’re on your way to empowering your path forward—together.


Now taking applications for Summer 2018, Fall 2018, and Winter 2019 sessions!

Apply with a partner-in-crime and save yourselves $500 when you both apply.




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