How to Handle being Triggered by the Trumps of the World.

When I watch or listen to the President—and certain other politicians—I can feel my nervous system clench, tense, and contract.

Thoughts and emotions erupt: judgments, anger, disbelief, and sorrow.

When I take periodic breaks from the news cycle, I can feel a deep release and settling of my nervous system. But, at the same time, I don’t want to avoid facing the harsh realities of our collective situation.

How to look into the mess—without becoming a mess myself?

That’s the question we explored in this nano teaching, which was curated from a longer Wisdom Heart Community program recorded during the Presidential debates.

“The Republican candidate is on an individual journey; a journey of [unfolding] to discover the limitations of his or her particular pattern.

Just as I am. And my inability to perceive the radiance in that being is helping me to look inside and recognize: how does he reflect aspects of myself that I have yet to be grateful for, yet to embrace, yet to recover and redeem? So that those patterns can continue to evolve and integrate into my wholeness, into my conscious revelation of wholeness.

His bombasticness, his pedanticism, his narcissism—that are unacceptable—are reflecting back to me a self-examination process. It doesn’t mean he’s not any of those things, it really means: am I able to see them and see through them to the radiance? And the answer was, no I wasn’t.

So I have to return back to the sun center and to re-examine my own soul for those lost children who I still need to bring back into the wisdom heart fold. All belong. Everything is a part of the wholeness. Nothing can be discarded. For when it is discarded, it acts, as it were, independently, and as an aberrant part of the structure. Bring it back into the wholeness. Bring it back into the heart. Re-integrate it.”

Note: This nano teaching is excerpted from a complete four-part program originally offered to the Wisdom Heart Community, which is open to new members. 

Highlights from this nano teaching:

>> How to see the radiance and wonder in all beings—including yourself
>> Relating to others’ different states and forms of consciousness, even if we do not agree with their platforms
>> Why we can’t separate parts from the whole
>> Understanding how each individual journey fits into the whole
>> How to utilize examination as a tool in the face of adversity
>> What it means to embrace those who are not like us

Reflect & Share:

>> Can you see through our current political situation into the radiance?
>> What has self-examination, in the face of adversity, uncovered for you?
>> What (unaccepted) aspects of yourself are being reflected in the “magic mirror” of others?

Love & Shanti,


author: Eric Klein

Image: Twitter

Editor: Catherine Monkman

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David Ferguson Jun 27, 2018 5:55am

While I can see this as a handy teaching when dealing with an arsehole customer at work, a motorist who gives you the finger at an intersection, or your mother in law, I think it's entirely wrong-headed, and insulting to those minorities who have been physically and mentally affected by this administration to palm it off as a valuable lesson in personal self development. "Oh I see that thousands more are being deported to countries they have never lived in before, and there are children being separated from parents and put into cages, but what was great about it all is that I learned that the man behind all this has the light of humanity in him, just as I do, so that's just dandy".

John Hardman Jun 16, 2018 2:29pm

Eric, I have a question as to your meaning/sense of ‘integration’? Linda has a point in that I have no desire to normalize bad behavior and not stand up to tyrants and bullies. There are those wounded, toxic individuals who use your attempt at understanding to further manipulate. When do you hold’em and when do you fold’em?

Linda Lewis Jun 16, 2018 1:45pm

If the only thing we do with the latest Trump tweet is react, hit thumbs down or an angry emoji, I agree with you. But if one's response say to Trump and Jeff Sessions' newest act, "Cruelty as a Deterrent" is to do something about it, even from Canada, to protest separating 2000 children from their parents at the southern border, then I say,--Use that fire to act! It is not acceptable that these children be placed in an abondoned Walmart! Good grief! Protest! That is how to express one's humanity, intelligence, and compassion in a country in which sexism, racism, narcissism, greed, cruelty, and denial are not only being normalized but being legislated!

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