June 29, 2018

Psychic Attacks & How to Respond to Them.

Energy attacks happen when a negative energetic vibration is directed toward us via other people’s thoughts, feelings, or emotions.

This often happens when someone is harbouring anger, vengefulness, resentfulness, jealousy toward us, or feels rejected in some way. We will know if someone has sent negative energy our way, as we will feel inner friction compounded by an uncharacteristic unease, and our mind will be swirling with repetitive thoughts about the person emanating low frequency entities.

Some of the most common signs of an energy attack are unexplained anxiety, chills, fatigue, fear, headaches, disturbing dreams, body aches and pains, inability to concentrate, heaviness, stomach pains, and feeling as though many things are going wrong.

To be sure it is a genuine attack and not paranoia or our own projection causing the sensations, we can clear our own energy field by meditating and letting all of our own personal thoughts come and go. When we have grounded, calmed, and balanced ourselves thoroughly we will feel less irritable and hear a strong voice of intuition telling us the energy that persists is coming from an external source.

Energy vampires are the most common perpetrators of energy attacks. This is because their energy levels are so low that they seek out others who they can blame or shame for their own dark energy, rather than taking responsibility for it. They look for people who they feel have vulnerable energy fields to feed off of their energy, and they are known to carry out systematic conscious or unconscious attacks, either verbal or vibrational, to weaken and wear their victim down. This ensures the energy that is released by the person they are attacking not only flushes them with a much needed feed, but also that the energy they are receiving has lowered, so it is negative and toxic and matches the energy in their own system harmoniously.

Energy vampires specifically target people who are emotionally sensitive, which is why empaths or highly sensitive people are the main source of energy feed for the majority of them. Energy vampires generally do not feed from other vampires, instead they feed from people willing to give something without expecting return, be it energy, time, money, or material gifts. When our vibration is high, they are not easily able to attach to us and freely drain our energy.

However, when we are at conflict with ourselves, or when we have not protected our energy, they can sneak in, catch us off guard and unaware, and latch on for an energizing feed. They are then able to bring our energy down to such a low level that we end up repeatedly engaging with them, usually through arguing, debating, or doing anything that gives them our undivided attention—which results in them receiving a regular and nourishing toxic feed.

Many empaths naturally radiate high vibrational love and compassion and ultimately want to carry out their soul purpose, which is healing and transmuting low frequency energy (transforming negative vibrations into positive ones through love and compassion). However, their reality does not always reflect this scenario, due to the volatility of the world, therefore their energy levels can be pulled in all directions and they can find it a challenge to keep their vibration high.

If an energy vampire can prevent an empath’s vibration from reaching or maintaining on a high level, they will have succeeded in securing an outlet from which they can receive a consistent void filling meal.

When an empath’s energy is vibrating on a low level, it will not just leak—it will gush out, as they are highly sensitive and have a very thin skin protecting their energy field. Empaths who haven’t worked hard on keeping their energy safely guarded are the prime victims for an unsuspecting energy attack.

It is essential that we do not try to fight back with fear when we are energetically attacked—as when we do, we are adding to the negativity, not balancing it or diminishing it. We sometimes believe that if we stand our ground and fight, we will eventually gain peace and clarity. We may even think that if we respond in a similar way to the person attacking, they will be able to see what their behavior looks like, as we become a mirror for them.

If we are not aware that energy attacks can happen, unfortunately, what usually happens is the opposite effect. The person attacking us will become even more powerful as not only have they influenced our behavior and garnered a negative response, but they also have even more volatile negative energy to feed off as the drama that has been caused lowers our vibration and causes our energy to flood out. In fact, often our energy is triggered to react so strongly that they are able to feed off our response for days or weeks afterward as we take a while to come to terms with the toxic interaction and the resulting fallout. When our vibration is low, energy vampires can sense this and become even more magnetized to us as we are far easier to manipulate and control.

When we respond negatively to energy vampires it can feed them for days, as they use our emotionally fueled reaction as ammunition, as they will talk about the drama to anyone they come into contact with. This enables them to easily extract more emotional energy from anyone who offers them sympathy in return for their biased and inflated version of the original encounter.

Although we perceive energy vampires as the darker force, as they are the ones trying to destroy us, we become equally as dark as them when we try to destroy them in return. We end up becoming exactly what we are trying to destroy—yet, they will always be the more powerful one as they premeditate the attack, plus they receive pleasure from the fallout while we receive turmoil.

Eventually, we become so drained that we are worthless to the vampire. The vampire will move on to someone who can offer them exactly what we have given them—and we will end up feeling used, frustrated, angry, and with low self-worth.

Ultimately, we too could become emotionally hungry and will be looking for feeds from unpleasant negatively based emotions that are in harmony with our new low energy level.

However, empaths are more likely to turn everything inward. Rather than seeking out other people to top up our depleted reserves, we will keep draining our own supply, which is one of the reasons we experience debilitating emotional exhaustion.

We cannot allow our energy reserves to reach dangerously low levels, so we shouldn’t wait until we hit rock bottom before putting up strong boundaries around those who wish to cause us harm. We have to become aware of what low vibrational thoughts, emotions, and beliefs we are feeding to ourselves so that we can make instant changes and automatically renew and replenish our supply. As soon as we change our mindset, our energy supply instantaneously reflects the changes and vibrates higher.

It is similar to choosing a healthy meal over junk food. We will immediately feel better for it. What we are feeding our mind is equally important to what we are feeding our bodies, as our emotions eat away at the vital nutrients our body has stored up. Fear-based emotions are the hungriest. They are capable of depleting us within moments. As soon as we become consciously aware of the emotions and beliefs that are debilitating us, we can make the much needed alterations.

Our highest form of protection is a positive mindset. If we can sustain this, negative forces will find it very difficult to penetrate our energy field. Our energy and their energy will be vibrating on such different frequencies that instead of attracting one another, they will automatically repel one another. We will then easily be able to detect when negativity is in our vicinity, and we can choose to vibrate higher, consume the energy, and transmute it—and most importantly refrain from thinking or talking about it.

We can do this from a distance and without interaction taking place. Our thoughts are a powerful vibration, and our energy will radiate healing, loving, and compassionate vibes. The low vibrations that are sent to us will be caught within our energy field, identified, transmuted, returned, and radiated outward.

By thinking positively about the person energetically attacking us, it automatically alters the negativity in the energy they have sent us. The person energetically attacking us may not immediately recognize that the energy has changed, as the vibration will feel subtle to them, due to the low vibrations existing around them. However, if they tune in to their own energy, they will notice that the energy we are sending out is not reaffirming their feelings or beliefs.

Energy attackers believe at some level that the world is a negative place and that people wish to do them harm, as they want to look for someone to blame for the pain they are in—or for anything that has gone wrong in their life. When the energy that is reflected back to them does not confirm this belief, eventually—even though it may take a long time—change will happen.

Change happens immediately, even if it is only subtle.

These negative and positive interactions are sometimes more detectable when they take place directly—person to person—and not just through thoughts or feelings. If someone speaks to us in a harsh, critical, or judgmental way, we can choose not to respond, and instead return words that hold love and compassion. The energy attacker will see that they have not affected us in the way that they intended, and eventually they may change their attitude or behavior toward us. They may dislike our positive radiations, as they conflict with their negative radiations, however, they cannot continue to communicate on the level they are used to, as we do not give them back what they are hoping to receive. Which, ultimately, is a low vibrational feed of replenishing negative energy.

Again, it is similar to someone looking for junk food and eventually finding that all the fast food stores have closed down. They will still crave the highs of the junk food even though it is not nourishing—although, they will soon have no choice but to change the way they think about food and eventually seek out healthier options.


**Disclaimer: if you have any concerns about any of the symptoms listed, before determining whether you are experiencing an energy attack, please first seek a medical professional to rule out any underlying health conditions. 


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