July 7, 2018

A Gentle Reminder for the Sensitive Souls who feel lost in Today’s World.

A gentle reminder for the sensitive souls who feel lost in today’s world:

We can be wise and unsure.

We can be messy and hopeful.

We can be kind and angry, aware and unsure, depleted and determined.

With tattered edges and the bare, aching soles of our well-traveled feet, we can walk through fire on hot, shattered glass.

We cannot do this unscathed, but we can fall apart in one piece.

Head up and heart open, we are meant to trust the pain and heartache while knee-deep in perseverance.

Yes, we may quiver and shy away, but only for a moment.

Giving up without a fight is not in our blood.

We can be full of pain while overflowing with grace.

We can be skeptical and tender.

We can experience pity, remorse, anger, and love—all within the same fleeting breath.

It’s okay. And it’s human.

We can cry while embracing the unknown—fully immersed in uncertainty, knowing the worst case scenario is another sunrise laced with endless possibility.

Each breath is a step toward our power.

Turning our face toward fear elicits strength.

The balm is in the wound.

The tincture is embedded in the present moment.

Being crushed by loss and open-hearted can co-exist.

Vulnerability is our springboard to safety.

We can be all the things: dark, light, and ripe with surrender.

We are burning, pulsing, and relentless ends of a spectrum refusing to surrender.

This is our humanity, divinity, and path to redemption within one imperfect vessel.

This is how we take the next step while feeling completely lost in a world we know we were sent to help heal.

This is our work: showing up as our whole selves, when we want to run.

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Read 6 comments and reply

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