July 26, 2018

“Try this Pleasure Elixir at least one time. It might just Change your Life.” {Partner}

This post is offered in partnership with our friends at Foria. We’re honored to work with them—they’re eco, sexy, and beautiful. Let’s make some love! ~ ed.


I’m not vegan—but I always have sex with plants.

Did my tantric practice of eco-sexuality get me a little carried away? Am I really fornicating with flora?

No. I’m still very much attracted to humans…

But when my favorite human and I strip down and snuggle up, we always include eight specific plants—and we rub them on our genitals.

Yes, you read that correctly. Plants, meet Genitals.

In our case, we use organic-certified coconut oil, infused with the extracts of eight aphrodisiacs—a natural “pre-lube” product called Awaken Arousal Oil.

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What’s a pre-lube?

Sex educators and sex therapists are beginning to promote the use of “pre-lube” products with CBD for their female clients. Pre-lubes not only reduce sexual discomfort or pain, they also enhance pleasure—and they do it naturally.

Whereas a lube is mostly intended to reduce friction during penetration, a pre-lube is designed for use during foreplay—and the ingredients enhance female arousal while stimulating natural vaginal lubrication.

One of the world’s first pre-lubes was created by Foria. Some of your edgier friends may have been buzzing about a “weed lube” with THC that enhances female pleasure and orgasm—getting the yoni high without making the brain stoned.  And they are right on. Meanwhile, menopause, dryness, and painful sex are instantly addressed with their lube too.


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The response over the years has been inspiring and deeply moving. Customers are constantly sharing that Foria has helped them overcome long-standing problems with painful sex, or that Foria has revived the romance in their busy, stressful partnerships.

“You guys are my heroes! I’ve not been able to have pain free sex with my husband for several years. Until today! We got our Awaken in and it happened to be when we were taking an anniversary vacay. We’ve been married for 24 years and he has been very patient with me and my Endometriosis journey. But today! Today! With Awaken we have had sex multiple times! We’ve both had multiple orgasms and I’ve had zero pain! It’s amazing!” ~ Dana C.

“After experiencing problems due to taking an antidepressant, I was looking for an aid to fix my lack of sensation and dryness. Awaken is just the ticket for me. It normalized and enhanced blood flow to where it’s needed and quickly helps arousal as well as provides non irritating natural oils and much needed moisture. The aroma is perfect. A subtle spicy profile that to me smells a bit like amber, chocolate and coconut… very nice. The oils feel light and natural. And then the unexpected bonus… multiple O’s… a pleasure I thought was gone after menopause. Thank you to Foria for this great product I will purchase again.” ~ Kristi H.

And then there are the folks who simply experience deeper, more luscious orgasmsthe toe-curling screamers that make you feel alive, at peace, and in love with the world.

“I was skeptical at first but as I ‘get into my head’ a lot while trying to perform, I figured what the heck I’ll give it a try. Foria did not disappoint! Not only does it relax my kitty, but allows me to experience what I believe everyone should have the chance to experience… a soul fulfilling orgasm! If you have anxiety or can’t seem to relax, then please give Foria a try. I’m so glad I took a chance because it has changed my intimate life for the better! Thank the lord this exists!” ~ K.C.

“Last night was quite extraordinary. The first time we had used Foria Awaken. Within two minutes she was in the place that it normally takes her 15 minutes to get to. Within five minutes she was demanding the vibrator to finish with, which she is normally too shy to use or even mention. I have never seen her so turned on, so quickly.” — Paul

Focusing on pain-relief before talking about pleasure and orgasm—interesting isn’t it? That’s the legacy of our Puritan forefathers: pain relief is acceptable, but pleasure? That’s downright hedonistic!

In case you didn’t know: pleasure is biologically healthy and psychologically necessary. Sensual and sexual pleasure are vital parts of balancing the nervous system, and much of the shame and tension that therapists, bodyworkers and other healers deal with comes from our Puritanical culture’s denigration of pleasure.

And in case you weren’t aware, there’s a shortage of orgasms in the world—at least, for women.

That’s right, the “orgasm gap” between men and women is a global problem. For various reasons, men are orgasming far more often during sex than women—and women aren’t happy about it.

Sex—ideally—is a mystical expression of mutuality, a paradox of pleasure that short-circuits ego. A true lover devotes infinite focus to their partner’s pleasure—because it is his also.

So in the spirit of balance, let’s all become better lovers, shall we?

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Most of us—men or women—learned to make love in a male-centric way (thanks to the patriarchy and porn), but science shows that male and female arousal move at very different rates—women generally need more time (and more devoted sensual ravishment) to “get in the mood.”

Not only are there biological reasons for this, personal history can play a role too. Many women have experienced or been exposed to assault, leaving unseen traumas that can activate tension and anxiety.

So what’s the solution?

Slowing down and focusing on her pleasure, not in a goal-directed way, but in the luxuriant sensuality of a mystic worshipper at the altar of the endlessly unfolding present moment.

Breathe. Caress. Melt and puddle into each other.

Seduce her senses with intoxicating aromas that naturally unwind tension from her body and her nervous system… which is why I’m always making love with plants.

Not only does using Arousal Oil put female pleasure on the throne—helping to reorient toward foreplay—the aroma and flavor are actually a big part of its effects: they create a sensual atmosphere of yum, naturally activating the parasympathetic nervous system. Think about it: romance is universally associated with flowers, chocolates, and other captivating aromas and flavors.


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Why? Because sensuality helps to disengage our monkey mind and draws our focus into this delicious now.

For more on this effect, here’s an interview with the formulator of Awaken about the sensual and healing power of aroma:

Not only does Awaken Arousal Oil’s aroma contribute to the mood-magic, there’s one more pleasant effect… sex can be funky sometimes. Arousal’s minty-chocolate bouquet helps keep everything (and everyone) smelling fresh. And since it is edible, the aroma and flavor make “oral” extra delightful for everyone. (Don’t worry: our products are vegan and gluten-free.)

The oil’s spray top makes it super easy to dispense—even one-handed. I usually spritz it onto my fingers before I start touching my lady friend. (That’s such a welcome change from before—I used to keep a jar of coconut oil beside the bed, but opening it and dipping a hand in started getting awkward and messy. I was either spilling oil everywhere or I was digging my nails into the rock-hard slab of coconut oil just to get a measly bit of glide.)

Ultimately, Awaken Arousal Oil’s main attraction is its effect on arousal, pleasure, and climax. Everyone loves enhanced pleasure—goodbye, orgasm gap!—but how does the oil pull that off? Many folks are skeptical about “aphrodisiacs” but the science is pretty clear: in addition to their aromatic mood magic, the aphrodisiac ingredients enhance blood flow to the genitals, which stimulates nerve endings that enhance sensation and natural wetness.

Watch an interview about Awaken’s formulation >>

The combination of ginger (antispasmodic, warming) cinnamon and cardamom (warming, aromatic, and anti-inflammatory) with peppermint (cooling and aromatic) creates a cascade of delicious sensations—a gentle warming and cooling of the skin that really gets things pumping and juicy. The sweet musk of vanilla and cacao are particularly potent too.

Ultimately, the star ingredient is Kava Kava, which has euphoric, anti-spasmodic and anti-anxiety effects. Kava is a revered, sacramental herb in Polynesian culture, and Kava beverages are traditionally consumed in a community setting at the end of the day, opening the heart and the senses. Because the vulva and vagina are such absorbent tissue, the oil’s effects spread from there to create an all-over body sensation of relaxation and bliss.

The other major ingredient is CBD. In case you haven’t heard the buzz yet, CBD is a potent anti-inflammatory, excellent for relieving pain and tension. In combination with Kava and cacao (which helps increase the body’s levels of anandamide, the bliss molecule) Awaken Arousal Oil is a potent—but legal—and has a prominent place on my bedside table.

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If you have a story about using Foria Oils on your journey with pain, pleasure and everything in between, send them a DM on Instagram or Facebook—or leave a comment and we’ll be sure to pass it on.

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