July 11, 2018

July New Moon: a Lesson in how to be Strong & Yielding all at Once.

*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


Here’s the thing about the astrological sign of Cancer: it’s a confusing one.

Cancer is a Cardinal Water sign, which makes it one of the four signs in the zodiac (Aries, Libra, and Capricorn being the other three) that initiates.

Cardinal signs are active, ambitious, and goal-oriented, but Cancer is also an emotional watery sign (ruled by the moon) with a high degree of sensitivity. So, we’re talking about a commander-in-chief so to speak, with intense emotional needs and a deep abiding love for all. And that’s the confusing part.

On one hand, Cancer energy pushes us to be strong, protective, and even controlling, and yet underneath all of that boss energy is an easily offended, soft, sentimental sweetie who genuinely cares. Can these seeming imbalances work together?

Well they have to, and if you ask anyone with a lot of planets in Cancer, they will likely have stories about how difficult it is to be both strong and yielding all at the same time.

The new moon this July 12/13 (depending on your location), will give all of us a chance to practice balancing these two sides—because not only are both the sun and moon in Cancer (the sun and moon always share the same sign and degree at a new moon) but this month, we enter into eclipse season, which means we add a solar eclipse into the mix in—you guessed it—the sign of Cancer.

Eclipses have a way of supersizing everything and eliminating subtleties, so if you thought you were going to sit on the sidelines and wait this one out, you’ll probably be in for a few surprises. The water sign of Cancer can be described as the “waves at the shoreline,” (Scorpio is the depths of the deep dark sea, and Pisces is the mist rising off of the ocean). So, imagine that this month, the Cancerian/solar eclipse theme will bring us a massive tidal wave of emotion, crashing onto the shore with a resounding roar.

Because the moon is at home in the sign of Cancer though, there will be an ease and flow.

We will likely find ourselves with an innate understanding of the exact places where we need to access our deep emotional vulnerabilities and yes, we will have all the feels. New moons are about new beginnings, starting fresh, and creation so think: emotional empowerment.

In writing this piece and considering my own life, I think I know the exact place where I would like to use this new moon/solar eclipse energy.

I have a close family member who I love dearly, but my relationship with them has deteriorated into anger and distrust because of their addiction. I’ve coped with my own fury around it by being defensive. I’ve spent the last year needing to be right but finally, I feel a softening. A knowingness that says “you can still have boundaries, but it’s safe to climb down off of the soapbox, open the door, and be loving.”

And this is what many of us will be experiencing; new awareness around the places in our lives where some softening is called for.

I have a feeling that our newfound awareness will be particularly profound because the sun and moon make an exact opposition to the planet Pluto at this time as well. Pluto rules Scorpio—and remember that Scorpio is the water sign associated with the deep dark sea. Pluto is about our shadow side—the things we consider shameful, the things that make us vulnerable to criticism and hurt. Pluto pushes us to recognize our shadow, to invite it to tea and show itself to us so that we can unpack, process, and most importantly, see our part. And this shadow-gazing plays a key role in our new moon story this month as well.

When I consider the past year and the deterioration of my relationship, I’m embarrassed by my righteousness. I’m sad that I’ve been so judgmental, but it’s also been a necessary part of the story. It helped me develop some firm boundaries, where before there were none. It’s also brought me some objectivity around my part in the matter.

We love to blame, but within every drama in our lives, within every single conflict, lies our very own piece of imperfection. Whether it be our negative reaction, our inaccurate projection, or simply the story we decide is true, every human situation is an intricate saga, and this new moon will allow us to zoom out and see the whole narrative clearly.

So, what will you do? Are you prepared to open yourself up to deep emotions? To the reality of your own shadow?

For me, it’s scary, but it’s worth it.

Holding onto to anger and distrust is exhausting. But I’ve needed these months of black-and-white thinking. I couldn’t have come to the place where I can finally begin anew and feel the love again without having had this chance to stew in my own anger and resentment.

The sign of Cancer is very understanding of needs like that. Cancer is represented by a crab and we could say that loving from the depths of our being can be depleting, especially when we feel our love isn’t reciprocated. When that happens, we need time to retreat into our shells, to brood and care for ourselves.

Consider this new moon a time of deep centering, of nurturing yourself while you explore the places in your life where some fresh awareness is needed. Perhaps be willing to let go of some fear, anger, or despondency that may have overtaken you. It’s a good time to practice dancing in those waves instead of allowing them to pull you into their chaos.


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