September 30, 2018

Ego vs. Humbleness: Giving Power to Our Light.

When we step in to the spiritual path, we have no clue what we are going to be confronted with.

Still, we follow our inner calling and we start exploring.

Some explore this path because they want to satisfy their curiosity, some want to understand this calling, and others hope to find the ways to freedom, and to more peace and love in their lives.

But regardless of the intention, one thing is sure, we’re all going to meet ourselves along the way. 

Ego is a word that we hear often as we step onto this path. No matter what people think when they talk about ego, it’s good to keep in mind that our ego holds the fragments of our personal, unhealed stories—times where we lost the connection with our light. Those are the stories that need loads of love to be redeemed, and to be healed.

When I took my own first steps on my spiritual path more than 10 years ago, I was always worrying about my ego. I often felt that I had done something wrong, that my work was not good enough, and basically that I was not enough.

Ιn a way I was punishing myself by reducing my light, thereby increasing my insecurities and my self-doubts.

Some years later, I began to move toward a wider path by meeting new teachers who inspired me; those known as love magnetsnorm breakers, also known as my tribe. Together they taught me a different way. A way of softening and transforming my ego by gaining a deeper knowledge of who I am, and accepting all of my parts. They guided me to find my place, my purpose, and my vision. This is the manner in which the ego is transformed—by offering your light into the world.

Ι can’t say now that I’ve mastered my ego, neither my humbleness. But I have definitely made huge steps toward myself. I’ve learned to accept all that I am, and this acceptance has brought me great peace.

What I have also realized after so many years of shadow work, is that the ego is not an enemy.

We need our ego to survive in this world. If we start to fight with it, it becomes a battle we make with ourselves. However, we should not focus our attention on this, but rather on investing and exploring the components of our soul—of our light, our origin, and the knowledge that comes with it.

Ego is also related to finding peace in those life circumstances and experiences that were formed a long, long time ago. To work on our ego, we need to dig, dive, peel, release, forgive, transform, reclaim, and integrate. In other words, it requires work. It also requires love and acceptance, not punishment.

I remember one day my teacher told me, “You have to free yourself from all of these masks you have put on yourself. You do the job of a farmer, but your soul is of a doctor.”

When our ego gets angry and loud, it’s declaring that it doesn’t have the right place in this world—because we have decided not to live our power, and our light.

And the ego becomes “swollen,” when we are disconnected from our own light, when we have no peace with our past and our choices, when we have denied our self, and our true power. It also becomes swollen when we have kept many aspects of ourselves hidden that we do not approve of, or don’t want to recognize because they may hide a lot of pain.

To live our power is to bring all these conditions into the light, to acknowledge them, and to integrate them. So, instead of talking about the ego, it’s a better investment to find out who we really are. This is the only way to bring peace to our inner world and stop projecting our own shadows to the people around us.

Seeing who you are, your ego will soften, transform, and brighten. Because in claiming yourself, you claim your true place. Your ego’s voice will also minimize because the voice of your true light will speak louder. But most of all, standing in your light will take you to a leadership, the leadership of your own life.

And here comes humbleness.

Ego and humbleness are like twins to me—and they need the same kind of remedy.

Humbleness has nothing to do with playing it small, keeping a low profile, or not standing out to show yourself. It’s also not about pretending ignorance or humility, or about giving other people your place so they feel good—thereby keeping yourself on the wrong path. To be honest, those are the conditions of guilt.

I believe that humbleness has to do with realizing who you are. Knowing who you are holds you responsible for your light, for your love, and for your power.

Humbleness has nothing to do with creating an image that is acceptable or ideal to others—but about being who you really are, and doing what you came here to do.

Accepting your power is humbleness.
Accepting your light is humbleness.

The purpose that your light and power hold is humbleness.
Doing that purpose is the higher form of service.

Offering it with pure heart is the best way to give power to your light.

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