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November 26, 2018

My Wish For You Is That You Find Your Art. {Poem}

My wish for you

is that you

find your art


As in your expression

of passion

of emotion

of fear

of hope

of knowing

of unknowing

of all that is within you

that is begging to come out


You and you alone can hear your art

listen for it

seek it out

and when you meet it

open the floodgate

and meet all of you

because your art

is what makes you



My wish for you

is that you recognize your art when you meet it

you’ll know it’s yours

because YOUR art

will tap you awake

before sunrise

and you will listen

your art will beckon you out into the cold

and you will go

your art will push you to your limits

and you will push back

your art will always


lead you on

and you will follow

your art will come to you gently

the way the moon comes into the night

and you will greet it when it does


My wish for you

is that

you find the kind of art that calls to you

in all of her many tongues and more

and that you do not judge it

out of fear that it’s not really art

everyone has their own art

art is a spark

that does not conform

but rather takes form

in whatever ways you allow it to come forth

and there are oh so many ways

just as the art of this planet

runs wild and untamed

uncontained and answering to no one

ever changing in intensity

and direction

forever unapologetically brilliant

in her expression

so too does that art

that is within you

wish to move


I’ve seen the sparkle of art in the bustle of construction yards

I’ve seen it in the eye of many a mechanic

I’ve felt it in hands of doctors

I’ve heard it from the mouths of my teachers

I’ve been moved by the art that is my mother

I’ve been nourished by the art brought forth by the hands of the farmer

I’ve been wowed by the art of this earth

I’ve inhaled countless expressions of awe

at her brilliance

and every day

I meet my art

where and how

she chooses to meet me


My wish for you is that you find your art

that you never stop looking for it

and in this goddamn world of fitting in

and following steps

that you never stop letting it out

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