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November 13, 2018

Remembering How To Receive

I help people learn (really to re-member since receiving is truly your natural state of being according to your divine design) how to receive.

I’ve found again and again certainly for myself and countless others that THIS is the essence of truly living an abundant in FLOW fully activated loving life.

We are such complex multi-faceted beautiful beings each with our own soul map unfolding in the most divine ways wrought with the most magnificent lessons and activations along the way always challenging us to face the truth of who we are.

At the core, we are god embodied in human form.

Can you feel it?

A divine vessel of receptivity literally designed to receive like an antenna always attuned to the frequency of pure love the endless inspiration from source, our multidimensional aspects of self, our souls, our higher selves, the whole of the universal consciousness itself wanting to be expressed through our beautiful being simply because we are and it is.

For fun?
For she sheer pleasure of it all?

Does it matter to even ask why when at the soul level we know in our deepest hearts knowing that some questions simply have no answer and certainly none that words could ever deliver even close to the accuracy of what our souls know to be true.

We are because we are.

So why not have an extraordinarily fun time BEING all that is.

How alive can you fully BE?


And in every moment thereafter?

But especially NOW.

Which is where our souls crave to finally meet at last.

And yet, if you at any point in your human journey thus far experienced a wound within your family dynamic usually with your mother first and foremost – who is the utmost representation of abundance, and serves as your original initiation for trusting life to provide for you precisely what you desire and deserve on every level – chances are you’ve learned to believe, feel and embody the realities of::

– Life is hard
– I have to struggle (especially to prove my worth, to be SEEN)
– I have to go it alone (no one is there to help me, so I might as well never ask so I’m not rejected if I do)
– It’s all up to me to MAKE it happen
– I have to be in control of the future so that I can feel safe in this present now moment
– My current happiness is conditional upon KNOWING I am achieving/creating something specific in the future unknown (something you’ve attached your safety to..usually money, success, fulfillment, LOVE, or any other form of security you’ve deemed required for finally allowing yourself to feel like you are enough)

Receiving never came naturally to me.

I am still and perhaps always will be in the ever unfolding learning and healing of allowance into still greater depths of trust and surrender that masterful receiving demands. It’s such a paradox to even use such powerful language to describe an inherently effortless process that is so innately programmed into my being – the art of BEING, allowing, flowing, channeling.

Although with all re-membering we are initiated into certain lessons and embodiments that do in fact invite us into courageous due diligence and vast excavation of the unconscious shadows looming eagerly awaiting our illumination and transmutation into the inevitable light thats always seeking to infinitely expand through our radiant multidimensional vessels.

I believe I received (CHOSE Is the honest answer..because I know and believe as a soul I chose the perfect path of evolution and the perfect parents therein that would initiate me to the perfect lessons catalyzing the most divine soul growth opportunities, transpiring the quantum leap growth I’ve experienced in this life unfolding in the comparable linear time frame of multiple lifetimes in one) a deep conditioning that life would be hard, that I deserved to struggle, that other people’s needs come ahead of my own, that I would source my value from what other people think and feel about me and that ultimately I am here to be a servant to helping others feel good so I can somehow by transference also feel worthy of and therefore allow myself to finally at least try to feel good too.

And so the cycle went on for 25 plus years until the layers began to peel back to allow for more truth to reveal itself in the perfect timing. As long as I continue to say YES I am ready to face the truth, I am ready to go deeper.

Show me the soul growth lesson in this painful memory, show me the truth of this trigger.

Show me how I am in my own way of truly allowing the life I desire and deserve to naturally unfold more gracefully than I could have ever imagined, even more so when I fully surrender into the future unknown trust it will always ALL WAYS be better than I could ever plan with my limited frame of past experience.

Trust like masterful allowance and receptivity is not something cultivated overnight. Yet it can become activated and re-membered as your default state more quickly than you might realize (it feels funny to mention a reference to linear time since your soul knows you transcend time and space especially when you are so presently attuned with your deepest desires allowing your moment to moment experience of life to become a series of listening and deliverance of your heart’s wishes embodied through aligned committed easeful actions).

How can you make a beginning?

1. Look to all the ways you have presently available to you NOW in this moment to receive. Receive love. Receive support. Receive abundance. Receive fulfillment. You are always receiving in some way, you can’t help but are an antenna remember? What insights are you receiving? What inspiration? What DESIRE do you feel emanating wanting to be expressed and how will you honor its divine expression? So often we choose unconsciously (yes everything is a choice whether we are consciously making it or it is) to be in tunnel vision focusing on what’s NOT happening instead of WHAT is so gratefully flowing to us without even thinking about it or having to MAKE IT HAPPEN..can you notice what’s effortlessly present in your field NOW that you can see as a precious gift you are receiving? Daily gratitude (writing as a list, even better if shared with others for witnessing and acknowledgement) and throughout the day practice of this kind of reflection is POWERFUL.

2. You are up against millennia of programming neurologically wired in your beautiful human brain that wants you so badly to see whats WRONG, what’s not happening, what’s negative, what conditions you must SURVIVE..and yet your soul, deeply at rest deep in your lower chakras and fully emBODYed in your gorgeous vessel knows your natural state is deep rest, calm and receptivity. What activities, practices, environments, people support you in dropping into you essence of calm, serene allowance? What are you doing when you are in FLOW and how can you create right this moment a commitment to allowing more of your precious time and energy to be utilized in precisely that space that I trust your spirit is craving so much more of? Can you give yourself the support you need in slowing down, listening deeply, allowing what’s wanting to arise to come up and out, to be fully felt, to be healed, to simply BE? Take a retreat. Hire a mentor. Try a new healing modality you’ve never tried yet have always felt a resonance with. Do you have a community you can practice all of the above with? Start now.

3. Cultivate the practice of solitude. Do you love yourself? Herein lies a paradox = love can’t love itself yet until you SEE yourself as the love you are, I realize this languaging of cultivating self-love is helpful. I certainly at the beginning of my journey had to go into the extreme discomfort of finally facing myself and sitting with the immense pain of being with the horrific critical thoughts on repeat at such high volume in my untrained mind. And yet I kept coming back to the practice, kept asking for help. This can’t be the only way, surely this isn’t the only voice I have on replay in there – there must be others. Which is the truth? How can I attune more easily to that frequency so that is empowered to be my more natural, normal day to day state of being guiding me throughout my life? Do you meditate? Do you do moving meditation? How do you speak to yourself throughout your day? Whose voice is it? And do you have another channel you’d prefer to tune in with? Ask for help if it feels like a tall order, you never HAVE to do ANYTHING (period) alone again.

4. If receiving feels uncomfortable for you, can you go into the resistance by consciously creating opportunities wherein you ask for support, ask for direct guidance, welcome people into your life who want to hold you, love you up, acknowledge you, give you feedback, help carry the weight of whatever you’re carrying. Oftentimes when we think receiving really means being an inconvenience to others we are harping in on an ancient collective conditioning in which we’ve learned that we shouldn’t bother anyone, we’re in this alone, life is hard, and stay in your own lane – the languaging itself runs so deep. Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, come on, don’t be a coward. If this is alive for you, trust that there are most people in your life than you’re consciously aware of in this moment who are WAITING for the invitation to help you. Yes you. They want to support you and love you, can you imagine? Yes you. Our nature is to GIVE. Is to HELP. Is to be of service. That’s why so many millions of souls are waking up each day seeing through the illusion of separation and deep conditioning of individualistic competition and all the shadows therein asking to know the truth: why am I here, what is my purpose, what is my gift that I know I am here to give? So what better gift could you possibly give to your community, your family, your soul family than the opportunity to actually exercise their divine desire to be of service in a SOUL INSPIRED way simply for the purpose of sharing all the love that they are? Simple yet profound, right? Could you imagine how asking someone for help isn’t even about you, its about THEM having the opportunity to be of service and drop more fully into their own innate divine design which wants so desperately to give their gifts and meet in the intimacy activated upon opening this frequency of LOVE in which the giving IS the receiving?

5. Think of a few people in your life who you want to learn something from, even if it feels logically unproductive to ask them for their time – do it anyway. Your inspired invitation to pick their brain is meaningful and perhaps will quite possibly lead to new doors opening that you were never aware of before, in fact I guarantee this will be the case. Follow your curiosity, be in wonder, cultivate sheer awe – be the divine child you are in absolute inquiry about how things work, why things are the way they are, and ultimately seek to receive countless mirrored truths of what you already know at your soul level to be true. See your gifts reflected back to you again and again, ask for feedback from people you admire as to how you can improve, ask how they see you and experience you, see what you can learn about yourself and perhaps develop a new perception altogether around how you show up in the world and how you can allow for even more alignment to naturally fall into place as you let go of your attachments to what you THINK should be instead leaning into what FEELS best for you, now.

Honoring the infinitely expansive paradox of multidimensional embodiment within duality here in Heaven on Earth.

What a glorious game we chose to play, am I right?

The most extraordinary game of all time, across all dimensions, time and space, through all layers of our collective being…it is an honor to be traveling with you visionary souls <3

xx Syd

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