November 14, 2018

The Lesson that Touches us all at the Height of Scorpio Season.

*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


If you have even the most passing interest in astrology, you probably know that Scorpio can have a bad rap.

Scorpio’s passions are undeniable, which can often lead to the infamous Scorpion sting when her feelings are hurt or her stability is threatened.

Of course, no sign is all bad (or all good—something I have to remind myself of often as a Libra).

Scorpios are naturally prone to endless fascination with the mysteries of life. Beneath their outer beauty and cool demeanor is a longing to understand and connect with all the wisdom and mystery of this world.

She feels deeply, making for a loyal friend and a fiery lover. It’s impossible to run out of things to discuss with a Scorpio, as her sharp wit and boundless curiosities ensure that she knows a little bit about almost everything. Scorpio is known for her keen eyes, which survey everything and everyone around her.

However, looking too closely into other’s affairs results in a sting that is deeply felt by the children of November: jealousy.

Scorpio often peers out at the world, longing for what is not hers. This can drive her to burrow deeper, retreating into her self-protective armor, hoping to alleviate the burden of yearning, the ache to have, to hold, to achieve.

These spells lend to harsh, sharp-tongued dismissals or even insults: “Who would want to travel there anyway? Boooring!” And the relief felt in these backlashes is only fleeting; the burn of jealousy returns hotter than ever.

But what if there is a value to jealousy, a lesson to be learned?

Jealousy has the proclivity to hurt us because it holds power in its naked truth. It pokes us in the places we’d like to grow. Because the pain is raw, it’s no wonder we often react in the style of the Scorpion, donning a shield and presenting deadly stringers to insulate ourselves.

The problem with this approach is that it delays our growth.

What if, instead of reacting with dismissal and vitriol, we leaned into our sensations of envy so that we might learn which driving desires are trying to be heard? Learning to sit with these negative feelings isn’t easy. It’s a bit like sinking into a Jacuzzi—the heat stings at first. But the realizations, the growth, and the greater awareness that comes from self-knowing is worth some initial discomfort.

In our world, it’s nearly impossible to be oblivious to what others have, or what they’re doing. It’s likely the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night as you scroll through the endless fodder for FOMO that your Instagram feed provides.

How you digest and use this information is up to you. You have the power to make a choice: be stung by bitterness because it’s not you in the corner office, or at the yoga retreat in Bali, or with the absolutely perfect “jungalow” cottage. Or, realize that perhaps you too have ambition to move up the corporate ladder, travel a little further, or redecorate your (nearly perfect) home.

Self-knowledge is all around us, coloring everything we see. Making the conscious effort to receive it and grow will make us more powerful as we move through our lives.

As we continue on into the height of Scorpio season, passionate sensations are sure to be felt by all of the zodiac.

Fiery romances will abound, heated arguments will ring out (Thanksgiving with the family, anyone?), or a zealous need to refocus on our careers or reigniting a long-forgotten project may take a sudden hold of our attention. The strength of these endeavors is bolstered because they come from a place of deep longing—that undeniable connection to the emotional body that Pluto children have.

Another great strength of Scorpio is her pure honesty. The sensations that will come over you this November are coming from a place of absolute truth. A naked peek into our deepest emotional desires is the gift of Scorpio season. So tune into what you’re feeling, and make the choice to grow in the direction it pulls you.


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