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November 21, 2018

The Natural Connection

Emotion. Sometimes called energy in motion. Is the main reason we react. We think, we feel, we react! Energy in motion. The minute we think we drop into reaction, as each thought sets off a neurolinguistic communication in one’s mind that triggers the memory banks of feeling and response. The deeper we learn to breath into ourselves the more this internal mind process is diminished. The mind takes everything seriously that’s why reaction takes place. Deeper breathing alters the response system and the automatic response within the body. Not unlike deep sea diver training. The more it’s practiced the less reaction.
Now in saying that we are only human and we lead busy lives so striving for this nature within oneself is an ultimate quest through out our lives, but breathing deeper activates what I call the natural connection pathway.  The earth has a frequency called ‘the pulse’ or the earth pulse, this is the deeper more centred connection that human beings have with all sentient life as this frequency or wave is the base line in all natural life.  As babies we had this connection automatically​. If we observe babies we notice that they are breathing naturally into their lower bellies without the influence of mind, they are responding spontaneously to their body’s need, not  a analysing or thinking about it! Its the nature of our thinking mind and it’s thought patterns, which our mind absorbs as it cognitively develops through childhood, that creates emotional problems and stuckness within the body, all stemming from the repression of our true nature. These patterns are the ancestral living patterns of conditioned behaviour and reaction which have become intermeshed with our autoimmune response over time. This is how our thinking minds manipulate our environment through the power of ideas and beliefs in order to have our needs met.

Collectively and as a whole mind or minds collectively responding. This is energy in motion: the emotional behaviour patterns of families, society and individuals are held in a thought responding and reacting to thought network. Emotion is in fact the mind of its people.

To drop down into the truth of ourselves, one needs to connect with the natural​ of one’s own true nature! that is why connection with natural life and nature are elemental needs. Our bodies feel release and relief in this awareness and connection. When we breath deeply we realise we are breathing with the whole of life, we are settled in the earth pulse and this natural connection grounds us to our non thinking nature, the truest version of ourselves.

It goes without saying that our minds are the biggest problem in the world. All ideas, concepts, paradigms, thinking structures are merely the anthropology of thought. Every thought takes one further and further away from the nature of themselves and their truest comfort and beingness.

However there is hope beyond hope! The mind lives in between the two illusions of the mind: hope and fear! (Both delusions of the egoic mind)

It isn’t possible to become a modern yogi, no great feat, no need for mind altering, eye boggling body poses or pushing the body beyond physical limits. All one has to do is breath deeply into themselves and ‘THE’ change will naturally happen. The body will naturally harmonize and thinking patterns will change and become centred with the breath.  The nature of mind is then seen clearly. It’s what the Tibetans call the settling of the muddy waters of mind.

Life harmony balance focuses completely on addressing the imbalances within the breath, because the whole solution to the emotional trigger system is here. Think about it, but not too much mind!!

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