November 6, 2018

The Reason why you Should Use that Precious Voice of Yours.

Years ago, a friend of mine, my best friend actually, stated, “I’m not gonna vote, because it doesn’t change anything. It’s a waste of time.”

Another friend of mine, who is nowadays involved in politics, was astounded to hear her comment. She said, “You know, there are people who have risked their lives to vote. And so that we could vote. That is how much it matters.”

It’s true. I’m from Finland and we were the first European country to grant women the right to vote in 1906. In Saudi Arabia, women got the right to vote last year. Everywhere in the world people have had to fight for their right to vote.

However, I understand why we might feel hopeless, oppressed, or unheard at times—neglected even, when it comes to politics. Which is probably one of the very reasons why Trump was elected as a president of the United States and why so many right-wing, anti-immigrant parties are gaining popularity in Europe. These people talk to the “masses” by using false statements, vague promises, and fear as main rhetorics. Fake news.

But what can we actually do? Do you use Instagram or Facebook to post about stuff you care about? (Even if it’s just pictures of puppies.) Are you vocal about something? Are you worried about your child’s future? This planet? LGBTQ rights? Your rights?

Then vote. Because it matters more than an Instagram story.

As a European, I can’t vote in America. But you fellow sisters and brothers, use that precious voice of yours today that people risked their lives for. Let’s vote and be vocal about what we care about.

Let’s f*cking do something.


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