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December 10, 2018

Balance, why do we need it?

Balance, why do we need it?

A few days ago I reconnected with a dear friend and colleague whom I hadn’t spoken with for some time to discuss new work opportunities for myself. Lately I have been feeling the pull to get back into full time employment and balance it out with my own spiritual- healing business. We chatted about many things and one was about raising our level of consciousness to a higher energy vibrations in our everyday lives to help cope with many of life’s challenges.

The topic of maintaining a sense of mental, emotional and spiritual balance is something I discuss a lot with many of my clients in relation to stressful situations or challenges that they are facing. How can they maintain a better perspective or have a better level of understanding of a situation or realisations of themselves.

How do they deal with the emotional stresses and anxieties brought upon by another? Especially if there has been long standing mental health issues or unresolved past issues with another individual or individuals with communication breakdowns. The list goes on and on with a myriad of life challenges that we all experience and where EGO & WISDOM don’t always see eye to eye and you opt for quick fixes which never resolves anything.

Lets’ face it we can never really control what life throws at us but we can control how we deal with it and not play the blame card. Every thought, feeling, emotions, memory, trauma are all ENERGY and it gets stored in our body, our conscience, subconscious and can be damaging to our wellbeing and how we connect or relate to our family friends and peers or just life in general. This gets very rampant especially when we have major planetary shifts and the all cringing “Mercury Retrogrades!” that we all love so much…NOT!

Friction or dramas occurs be it in your personal or professional life (for some in every aspect of their existence) when your set of values or belief system comes into question or circumstances clashes with another. Every action has its outcomes be it positive or negative and basic human compassion and empathy is so crucial to how we think speak feel and do. Remember the old saying, “Treat others the way you would like to be treated?”

“It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles ~ Buddha”

One of the most fundamental awakening and realisation I had through a myriad of my own life challenges whether they were self-inflicted out of poor judgement or naturally part of very ‘crappy cards’  dealt by life was its essential to work on yourself daily to raise your level consciousness and in turn keep balanced. We all have done this when we say “Why me, why does this always happen to me? Nobody understands me!! Others have a better life than I do! Jealousy, envy, anger, resentment are just some of the emotions that inevitably rear their ugly heads when we are at our wits end.


How we choose to exercise that energy whether we release it or face it brings about the healthy balanced understanding we need to help us make wise decisions to forge forward and truly know ourselves and our individual journey and in turn deal with challenges better. At times we tend to focus our energies on matters or thoughts that add no real value and it’s of no consequence to the bigger picture and we stunt our self – evolution and lessons we are meant to learn and grow from.


Compassion and empathy is so crucial when you take the step to help yourself through various self-improvement methods like, meditation, healing, yoga, swimming, daily prayer – positive affirmations, counselling, writing, gardening grounding yourself with mother earth , healthier eating to name a few will only benefit you. Learning to master the art of being in quiet reflection – stillness and quietness.

We will never stop evolving and learning but we can maintain a balanced awareness in perceptions of the people and world around us. Be more in control of our thoughts with no judgements as every individual is different in their level of perception.

I was encouraged to write this article as it is the basic foundation of the spiritual work I do and one of the guidance insights I provide to clients to assist them to take control of their lives. I work on myself daily as I am forever hungry for knowledge and ways to better myself and be able to help others. In the big scheme of life we all may not be on the same level of maturity, life experience, wisdom, or even compare the number or types of challenges we have faced ( it’s not a competition ) but we can take a more balanced holistic approach in our lives and how we interact with life.

I always say in my daily prayers “Thank you for the Good, the Bad and The Ugly” for helping shape me to be the best balanced version of who I am and want to be.

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