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January 14, 2019

What if your inner child was actually a master ?

When talking about the inner child many people are thinking about the innocence and spontaneity that kids can have as well as their capacity to play. These are amazing aspect of childhood but the inner child has a much wider universe and could well be your first and most impactful master.

Do you have any doubt about it?

Let’s explore a bit what your inner child did for you…

To grow, the child in you expanded your skills by analyzing situations and creating deductions from what it experimented. We are not here to judge the quality of your capacities but simply to observe what led you to learn. Through observation, you learnt how to walk and through listening, how to speak. You then developed your brain and fed it with information, at school but also from situations to grow your emotional intelligence. An intelligence that is helping you on your daily interaction with others.

When faced with a difficult situation, you learned as well. You even naturally knew how to let go and forgive faster that the adults did, as your personality was not as developed then. You dealt with emotions with a natural understanding of what it is supposed to be: a tool and a trigger for expressing feelings. You then may have learnt to deal with them differently through your education. But yet, at one point you knew how to stand up for your needs and to show when you were hurt.

You also learnt to adapt constantly while growing up, to new situations and to people; to get back on your feet when you got hurt and to keep on going, and that is one of the most amazing gifts of the inner child that we tend to forget: resilience.

So, if you think that you have difficulties to adapt or hesitate to make a decisions fearing the outcome, remember how many times you, as a child, had to adapt, to change and eventually overcome a situation by becoming the amazing adult that you are.

  • Doesn’t it give you some hint that you can at any time change, transform and get better?
  • Doesn’t it show you how powerful you really are?

The other amazing gift that the inner child holds is an extension of its capacity to play. Remember, when you were a kid, nothing was impossible, you played with the invisible and created great stories. Doing so, you expanded your universe and implanted a seed that could be used at any time by your brain to find solutions: “do as if…” As if we were a detective, an astronaut, a nurse… This capacity of inventing a situation trained your brain to seek what it does not see and thus to connect to other parts of your brain that would be: the wise, the analyst, the creative, etc.

And by the way this “magic wand” is often used as a tool in personal growth, coaching or NLP as a tool to open up your brain to the possibilities around you. For your brain this key is a bit like accessing on unlimited flow of ideas that usually would be restrained by your inner judgement, but not only! Its quest for possibilities will then connect to the external world and focus your attention on every solution or opportunity that could help you.

But be careful because, as you may already know, it works for positive and negative things. Meaning that when your inner dialogue is wired on “victimhood = the world is against me”, you will find every piece of evidence that will confirm your belief. But if you wired your synapses in “the life works with and for me” you will find solutions and support. It is a question of mindset.

So, what do you think? Could your inner child be a master at the end of the day?



Article & Illustration by Christel Mesey
Life coach, NLP Master practitioner, Healer, Intuitive Artist
Author of Drao Oracle Deck

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