February 26, 2019

March brings us Magical New Moons & Healing Full Moons.


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*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed. 


Imagine your soft feather pillow pushed up against a sturdy wooden headboard.

Or the intersection of warm water and the concrete wall of a swimming pool.

March may provoke similar feelings of contrast for us.

The astrology this month gives us no choice but to yield and go with the flow, and yet, at the same time, our healthy resistances and natural aggression will want to rise up and take shape, too.

Can we be both fluid and solid at the same time?

Mercury Goes Retrograde

The ways in which we think we communicate, and the ways in which we actually communicate are two different things.

We may assume we’re being clear, direct, and eloquent, but if our emotions are involved, we’re having a difficult conversation, or our desire to please others sabotages our intentions to speak freely—our basic messages become muddied.

Mercury is the planet of conversation, connection, and thought processes, and it’s going retrograde on March 5th, 2019.

Retrograde is when a planet appears to move backward in the sky—and so, metaphorically, we all get the invitation to review things in our past.

Mercury goes retrograde in the empathic, elusive water sign of Pisces. Water signs rule different emotional qualities, and urge us to look underneath the surface of our rational minds, and dive into our feelings.

Mercury goes retrograde three times in 2019 (and in all three of the water signs this year, which is unusual)—so we can expect to reflect on the ways in which we communicate when our emotions are involved.

While Mercury is exploring old ground in Pisces, we’ll get to reexamine the way we do “Mercury things” like talking, listening, and learning. Try to uncover recent conversations in which you’ve been vague, or left your true thoughts and emotions unexpressed, and then examine why.

Pisces dissolves defenses, so let this retrograde soften you and your words. Mercury moves direct again on March 28th.

New Moon

Do you consider yourself a creator? An intuitive? A healer?

The new moon on March 6th, falls in the sign of Pisces. And while Pisces can indeed scatter us, bringing emotional uncertainty, it also bestows deep magic and restores our imaginations. During this new moon time, answer the call to create a sacred space in which to play, and touch the invisible enchantments that layer our literal and logical world. Relax, feel into everything, and look for the inherent meaning of it all.

Remember that new moons are a time to regenerate, but this new moon is particularly charmed, as it’s in close connection to Neptune, the planet of dreams, inspiration, and mysticism.

We must not waste the opportunity to delve in the infinite field of possibilities available to us.

Discovering magic is an essential part of our everyday experience and, right now, the veils are thin. We have the confidence and energy to seek out that which enlightens us and brings us wisdom, so we should use it to our advantage.

Uranus enters Taurus

Uranus is an exciting planet; it brings the energy of shift, and the winds of change. It encourages us to break down outdated structures and explore the infinite potentials of what could be.

On March 6th, 2019, Uranus moves out of Aries, and into the sign of Taurus.

Uranus moves slowly and spends approximately seven and a half years in a sign. If we watch the effects of Uranus sign by sign, we find evidence unique to each indication of stagnant systems crumbling to the ground.

Uranus in Aries for example, triggered millions of us to assert our political beliefs and develop a devotion to fighting for the people and causes that are important to us.

Taurus rules money, agriculture, food, and resources (to name but a few). With Uranus in this sign, we can expect to see sweeping change in these areas, on a collective and personal level.

How are we making, spending, and saving money? What dysfunctional agricultural practices are we seeing on a wide scale? Are we being good shepherds of our natural resources? These topics will be up for review over the next seven years. Let Uranus help mobilize your inner activist, and become a proponent for the change you wish to see, and the modifications you know are necessary.

Sun Enters Aries

On March 20th, the Sun slips into the sign of Aries which makes “taking action” the new theme of the month.

Aries is lively and vital, and after 30 days of floating along in our magic Piscean bubbles, we should be ready for some crackling hot energy and competitive Aries challenge.

Spring Equinox

March 20th is also the day of the Vernal Equinox. In the Northern Hemisphere, this signals that spring is finally on the way. When we think of spring, we picture ice melting, ground thawing, and sun shining. There’s a promise of the warmth, green, and abundance to come. Aries sparks the energy we need to rev into high gear and prepare for excitement on the horizon.

Full Moon in Libra

March 20th is also the day (are you tired of me saying this yet?) of the full moon in Libra! When the moon is full, we find ourselves doing an internal balancing act because the moon lands in one sign, while the sun is across the sky in the opposing sign. We then seek to equalize the demands and needs of both signs as they reside within us.

Libra is the sign of partnership or “our needs” while Aries is centered on self or “my needs.” With a close connection to the wounded healer, Chiron, we may notice old grievances surfacing around being left out or put second, or we might feel compelled to examine the pain of putting ourselves last in exchange for approval.

If you find that your pain points are trying to get your attention, don’t ignore them. Work to understand them so you can get release. Full moons are an ideal time to liberate yourself from old resentments and anxieties.

In many ways, this month will bring us into states of duality where we feel the contrast between two different sets of wants and desires.

The challenge lies in embracing each set for what it is, and the wisdom comes from being curious about what they’re trying to teach us.

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