March 31, 2019

Déjà Vu & Karma: Do your Colors Collude or Collide? {Part 1 of 2}


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*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.

We can remember everything.

Whether we realize it or not, all of the memories we’ve collected over time are contained within our subconscious. This includes memories from our childhood, in utero, and back even further than that. Memories from who we were, how we existed, who we loved, and what we struggled with in prior lifetimes are hidden deep within us.

My work with astrology helped to stir questions and reveal important markers in my life—but my work with hypnosis has proven over and over again that past lives do indeed exist. Could it really be so simple to say that we only get one chance, one experience, one go with the people we love so much? I personally don’t think so and there are many others who will attest to these beliefs across the world. Reincarnation is a topic of interest for these reasons—plus so many more.

While astrology reveals our karma through how our planets align, the memories in our subconscious contain the actual stories. I began thinking about past lives more than 20 years ago while trying to come to terms with my brother’s sudden death. All too often, death, traumatic situations, and loss lead us down the road of asking the biggest questions. However, we don’t need to necessarily experience death or trauma in order to have a desire to discover more about our “stories.”

For some, it’s a feeling of having been somewhere before or a notion that we’ve danced the same dance over and over again with a particular person. The people who I’ve done regression work with always tell me they have a knowing or feeling that there is more to their story. Of course, there always is.

Through hypnosis and past life regression I have discovered many of these stories—for myself, as well as others. I have seen people experience lives all across the world in all sorts of scenarios. Sometimes, we discover ourselves as a loner, a helper, a rebel with a cause, or just someone who lived simply and happily. My favorite regression story was a with a woman in New Zealand who experienced seeing herself as a king of France, a lord in Scotland, and a geisha all in the same session. While not all of us will remember such interesting lives—there is always a common theme or lesson to the stories that surface.

Guided or not, we all have the ability to tap into these memories. It’s possible for all of us through a guided hypnosis, progressive relaxation, or deep meditation to tune into these important memories. We’ve all been everything—rich, poor, privileged, underprivileged, male, female, liked, disliked, isolated, adored, cast-off, cradled, and everything in-between. The web of connections we have today are intertwined with all the facets of who we’ve been in all the yesterdays. In relationships, we have karmic contracts that cease to be broken and bonds that want to form over and over again. We are all connected in some way or another.

The process of discovering our past lives begins with getting into a state of deep relaxation. This can be done through our own personal meditation or through a grounded hypnosis. The process can only begin once we emerge into a deep state of peace.

In all of my regressions, both personal and ones I have guided others through, there is a protective light surrounding our energy. This is a light that we all have within and the color has always fascinated me. The reason for that is because it’s quite important. I’ve also seen the color change from the beginning of the regression to the end, or remain the same throughout the experience. What I have discovered is that these colors are always around us—whether we realize it or not.

According to my friend and colleague, Elizabeth Harper (psychic intuitive, teacher at Omega Institute, and color intuition expert), each color means something.

Here’s her explanation on each of the color meanings:

“Colors often emerge in our meditations as messages, sometimes literal, often symbolic. We can decipher color in a variety of ways. In addition to global meanings they can also be interpreted both personally and intuitively. For instance, a traditional quality of yellow is power. Personally, it might remind you of warmth and joy, while intuitively it could bring up a memory of a particular relationship.

Whenever I interpret color my foundation is my knowledge of color, but invariably I allow my intuition to offer up a deeper meaning. That said, here are some insights from my experience with color when journeying through past lives and other dimensions of time space reality.”

Red is the color of earth and our connection to home.
It aligns with the physical life, physical body, and survival. Although red in a traffic light means “stop,” symbolically it stimulates action and flow. Red is the doorway into life and holds the birthing blueprint, the memory of birth, and the relationship you have with family, ancestors, and ancestral DNA.

Red in your past life meditations can reveal flow or lack of flow in your physical life such as relationships, finances, diet, body consciousness, health, career, purpose, and survival. It’s a passionate color, invoking both love and, on the flip side, anger. While most wouldn’t consider it spiritual, it points toward the impassioned energy and fervor of spiritual purpose.

Orange is the color of fire and our relationship with whatever ignites the inner flame.
It’s emotional, fun-loving, creative, and fertile. There’s adventure and promiscuity in this color, a desire to experience the pleasures of life.

Orange in your past life meditations can reveal something that brings joy, happiness, and nurturing for the inner child, but can also point to emotional turmoil, shock and disassociation with the emotions, possibly signifying something too challenging to feel right now. Orange can be addictive and obsessive and may bring to light the initiating circumstances of a constant craving such as an unhealthy relationship pattern.

Yellow is the color of the sun and the inner life force energy, our power source, and uniqueness.
It stimulates the intellect, inspiring ideas, awakening confidence, and fostering curiosity. Yellow encourages visibility, shining a light on the illuminated self.

Yellow in your past life meditations can reveal your most powerful self, what you want and who you are. When power is given away, it’s replaced with fear and the radiant inner glow dims. This is when loss of self, through unhealthy boundaries and lack of identity, triggers victim mentality. Yellow can indicate struggles with competitors and powerlessness. Positively, this can motivate success, but it can also lay a path for resentment.

Green is the color of the living earth, balance of nature, and healing.
In the Hindu chakra system, green is the heart, the fulcrum between heaven and earth, a place of truth, compassion, and unconditional love. An open heart can lead to self-love, self-acceptance, and forgiveness—all qualities of green.

Green in your past life meditations can reveal a desire to be of service, particularly as a healer or guardian of the land. Selfless service can sometimes mask the need to be loved. What appears to be devotion to others is really a yearning for intimacy. When channeled into someone unappreciative of the sacrifice made, then the role of savior can fast become that of martyr.

Unresolved patterns attract the same relationship issues until the cause is healed. Many healers are pattern-breakers, born into dysfunctional families to heal the heart flow through the DNA within generations of wounded hearts.

Blue, the color of the heavens, is mirrored in the waters of the earth’s surface.
Seventy percent of our planet is water, reflecting a similar percentage within our own physical bodies. Blue is expression, the voice of the soul, the bridge between inspiration and action. Where green is truth, blue is its manifestation.

Blue in your past life meditations can reveal the power of the voice, how one communicates truth, creativity, and the emotional self. Blue has an element of faith and trust associated with it. When these are betrayed, the limitlessness of blue is restricted. Words become daggers. Issues of control and domination, unexpressed emotions, and unspoken requests echo an inner conflict—a failure to ask for what one wants—resulting in complaints, criticism, and gossip.

Indigo, the color of the night sky, space, and the possibility of life beyond this plane of existence, nurtures the relationship between known and unknown worlds.
It is intuition, imagination, and dreams. Indigo in your past life meditations can reveal the hidden aspect of self, the intuitive or dream self, and the innate capacity for bringing inspiration into physical form. However, it can also indicate an inner battle between the intellectual mind and the intuitive soul.

The disbelief in the miracle of life and investment in a negative story line can lead to feelings of persecution and distrust of anything not part of a routine.

Violet, a high frequency color, is the ray of light or experience our earth is currently moving through.
It’s perfectly represented by the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly. Violet means change, but it’s not always understood or welcomed.

Violet in your past life meditations can reveal the spiritual identity. This is the pioneer, awakener, and guru. Through this color is revealed the connection and disconnect of the spiritual and physical selves, beliefs and limiting beliefs, change and its resistance, purpose and its lack, nonattachment and materialism, honor of and disrespect for life.

At its fullest potential there is trust in the Divine plan manifested in the experience of expanded consciousness.

There are millions of colors and just as many interpretations. When a color appears, simply ask, “What does this mean for me?” If the meaning isn’t immediately obvious, trust that the answer will be revealed in time.

While our colors often reveal important discoveries to be explored, our astrology will add to the tale. Being an astrologer, I use a person’s astrology chart to guide how I will open up the doors of the past. We all visualize differently and our personal astrology helps to decode what we may be more attune to.

Some examples of visuals to help with our process of going within by sign include:

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius): warmth, sun, and hot climates.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn): earthy things such as grass, trees, mountains, and the ability to engage the senses in nature.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): winged creatures (butterflies and birds), ability to navigate and explore the surroundings. (The air signs like movement and I have found them to be one of the most visually free and profound.)

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces): water including ponds, lakes, waterfalls, and the ocean.

Having the ability to “let go” and trust the process is also a factor—because so much of the process is about trusting the visualization. If we have heavy Saturn and Pluto tones in our astrology, the process may need greater patience. Saturn and Pluto like control and in these meditations we have to trust the journey our subconscious takes us on. The right side of our brain (creativity) will battle with the left side (logic) in trying to come to grips on whether or not the experience is real.

As the journey through our memories expands, a door will always present itself. Each of our doors into the past will be different. They give clues into the time period of the lifetime, as well as its overall tone. In my own personal experiences, I’ve connected with people I know as well as people I’ve yet to discover. I’ve been female but also male.

Others I’ve worked with have become animals or experienced them as people because our connections with all souls can be quite profound. Each experience that I have personally gone through, as well as guided others through, has opened up awareness into relationships of people still around us as well as those who are not.

Past life regression can be incredibly healing in addition to an awareness driver into the fact that there is so much more to who we are. It helps us make connections into some of our current experiences, as well as bring the reality of a much wider existence into focus.


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