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March 7, 2019

How Food Can Help You Manifest

When I started my career as a Registered Dietitian four years ago, I never would have anticipated I would be writing an article about the role food plays in manifesting your dream life. Heck, I didn’t even know what manifestation was. Yet, here I am, having manifested my dream life and much of which I have food to thank for. Before I dive into how food changed my life I think it’s important to share what my life looked just a few years prior.


Three years ago, I got really sick. I was in a constant fog, my speech slurred, and I couldn’t retain what my best friend told me she was making me for dinner ten minutes after we talked about it. I struggled to keep my eyes open at my desk every day. I was so anxiety ridden I couldn’t stand in front of my coworkers & friends without sweating and breaking down into a shaky-voiced panic. Doctors prescribed me ADHD medications and sent me on my way. Unfortunately, this made things worse. Maybe you can relate to this, feeling something is out of alignment in your body or knowing something just isn’t right and having friends, family or medical providers tell you its all in your head or give you a pill to cover up a symptom. If this resonates, know there is hope. Your body has the beautiful ability to heal itself with the right nourishment and lifestyle changes. You don’t have to live with those symptoms forever.


I decided it was time for me to take back my life. I commited to whatever it would take to feel good again. I want to preface I dug into research outside of the conventional health system I was familiar with. I realized that food could play a role in healing our bodies, minds and even our spirit.  I spent a year shifting my diet, cutting out all the artificial diet crap I had been consuming and started to consume whole organic foods. Instead of focusing on calories I focused on nutrients.


Without all of the neurotoxic chemicals I started to think clearly. I had hope. My brain fog and slurred speech disappeared. I started to feel good, really good. The foods I was fueling my body with provided me with energy I hadn’t felt since adolescence. Later I found out that the phytonutrients or colors of fruits and veggies were assisting in balancing my chakras and reducing inflammation. From there the magic started to happen. As a result of raising my vibration, being in a happier state and having clarity on what I wanted, I started to call in the things I was asking for. The dream house, mentors, money and clients started to show up when I asked.


Nutrition and wellness are foundations for our alignment. Without our health it is hard to focus on anything other than how crummy we feel. When we feel like garbage our energy attracts more garbage. In addition, food has the ability to raise our vibration and when we are in alignment with the frequency of that which we desire it arrives.  If you’re not already convinced that food can raise your vibration and help you attract what you want into your life, just for fun, try an experiment. Start to shift your intake.


    • Eat the rainbow every day. Focus on mostly non-starchy vegetables & fruits to help decrease inflammation, release toxins and rebalance your chakras.
    • Aim for a serving of omega-3 fatty acid foods daily. These include salmon, herring, mackerel, sardines, walnuts, flax seeds, chia seeds and grass-fed meats. Omega-3s also assist in decreasing inflammation, improving brain function and promoting cell and hormone function.
    • Increase your magnesium intake. Pumpkin seeds, beans, bananas, nuts & spinach are all great sources and can help to promote energy production and nearly every other function in your body!
    • Reduce conventionally raised & GMO foods. These foods contain hormones & toxins that can alter the function of everything from neuron function to hormonal regulation. GMOs have also been banned in European countries as they impact the gut lining and may promote leaky gut.
    • Decrease processed foods, sugar and omega-6 oils. Omega-6 oils include sunflower, corn, soybean, safflower, cottonseed oils. This combination can lead to increased inflammation, increased cravings and reduced energy levels over time.
    • Reduce alcohol intake. Alcohol wastes key nutrients for energy production. Additionally many people, including myself, feel that alcohol will cut off the connection to higher power especially when consumed in excessive amounts
    • Avoid Overeating. I like to call overeating or binge eating emotional stuffing. So many of us are ill-equipped to deal with and process our traumas, emotions and pain and as a result food can be a substance that people turn to for avoiding hard emotions. Ask yourself when you’re turning to the third or twelfth cookie, what are you avoiding?




The right kind of food is the power for your cells. It provides key nutrients for energy production, the fuel for our bodies and the compounds needed to heal. When we are eating food from the earth we feel more connected to higher power. When we have the right nutrition coming in we are able to vibrate at a higher frequency because our cells are running optimally. When we are high vibe we are at the frequency to call in our desires and so the manifestation begins.


As your brain fog lifts, your mood improves and the undealt with emotions surface you may notice shifts. For some this takes a few weeks while others it can take months. It all depends on what you’re doing alongside it. Remember, our health lays the foundation for our spiritual breakthroughs but there are still physical, emotional and mental barriers we must work through as well. I recommend pairing these dietary changes with other spiritual practices such as yoga, meditation and getting grounded in nature to heighten your manifesting capabilities. That being said, I promise you, if you’re vibrating at a higher frequency you will become a magnet for all that you want in life. So happy manifesting my love.


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