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March 1, 2019

How to Love a Woman who Travels.

A woman who travels is not just any kind of woman.

She travels because her soul yearns for her to explore—she needs to travel.

She doesn’t just travel for the beautiful places, she travels as a form of meditation. A way to reconnect with her heart and soul. It’s as much an internal process as it is an external one.

She loves the feeling of salt water in her hair and on her skin. She enjoys spending time with just herself in the rugged, rocky, snowcapped mountains. She travels for the moments alone that inspire her to just be herself—completely human.

A woman who travels isn’t seeking anyone to complete her—she is whole on her own. She travels to expand herself and how the world labels her. She’s not your conventional woman, and you can’t mold her to become one.

A woman who travels is deeply in love with herself and will be deeply in love with you. She is not here to hold back, but rather to share everything she knows and feels. She knows that to love means to be vulnerable, to be courageous, and to live in her truth.

A woman who travels lives for adventure. Not always in other countries, places, or spaces, but even in mundane tasks of her daily life. She can make anything adventure, even brushing her teeth or cooking a meal, because every moment is precious to her.

Love a woman who travels if you are looking to open and expand your mind. For she will challenge you to do this. She wants you to grow, and she will challenge you to think outside the conventional, socially constructed box of what life should look like. She doesn’t have a checklist; she listens to the beat of her heart and honors her intuition.

A woman who travels does not view this journey of life as a linear one. It’s not black and white. It has color and sparkle. To her, it is about the moments of traveling through the journey—not just arriving at the destination.

A woman who travels is independent by nature. She travels by herself, but she is also grateful to share her time on the road with others through coffee and chai, and through heart opening and healing conversations that expand her to grow and remind her why she is grateful to travel this earth.

She needs someone who knows how to be alone and appreciates moments of solitude. She also needs someone who is not afraid of the mystery of the unknown. To find the adventure in taking chances—in saying yes to life.

She needs to be challenged, just as she will challenge you to expand your mind and open your heart. She is here to grow, not stay the same. She is here to experience life, to be open to receiving it all. She wants to open her heart to life, to raw human moments.

She is not here to hide. She is here to dance with the moonlight and kiss under the stars. She is here to make mistakes, to be messy and create her own unique story. She colors outside of the lines. She lives by her own rules. Knowing that sometimes she will fall, but she will look to the sun and moon to rise again and again. She will rise all over again.

A woman who travels knows what she needs, and she will be honest with you. She is not here to remain small and to fall into the habit of small talk. She is here to understand the depth of life. She is not afraid to ask the hard and soft questions.

She is not looking for someone to complete her. She is looking for someone to experience the precious moments of life with. To deeply reflect with and share her mind, heart, and soul with. She know she is enough on her own—she does not need a partner to complete her, she simply wants to share moments with you. And that is a big difference, because she is not looking to change you or herself—she’s only looking to expand.

Loving a woman who travels is an adventure of a lifetime, but it is not an easy task. It will open you up to new ideas on what your life can look and feel like. You will look at life differently by seeing life through her loving eyes.

She will show you that the journey is filled with insight and wisdom if you just take the time to notice and observe. To let go of “should” and live in “could be” or “let’s see.”

She lives in the possibility of yes, but she also knows how to and when she needs to say no.

She will ask you questions, because she wants to know and understand the true essence of your soul, what makes you come alive. She wants to know all about it and even experience it with you.

She needs someone who isn’t afraid to be loved deeply. Who wants to really feel their existence. Who can sit naked, holding hands, and doesn’t need words to fill the silence.

She is not here to live and play small. She is here to experience the universe, and to discover the magic that is hidden in every corner. She is curious and she is wise. You must honor the wisdom that shines from her soul. For it is her wisdom and love of herself that has brought her to where she is.

She does not want things. She desires experiences. You cannot buy her love, you can only be wholeheartedly part of it. She is here to share her heart with herself and others. She believes the heart is the greatest gift you have to offer. For she will open you in ways you’ve never been opened.

Because she does not want pieces of you, she wants all of you—every single piece that has shaped who you have become. She wants to be part of your story. She is not looking to erase your past experiences or her own. She knows that these pieces are what make you who you are. She honors that. She doesn’t want you to hide, she wants you to shine.

A woman who travels is not for everyone. She knows that. She is not looking for a pretty face, someone nice on the eyes. For most of the time, she leaves her makeup off so you can enjoy her natural, sun-kissed glow. She doesn’t want to hide behind a mask of chemicals on her face and social constructions around her body. She wants to be accepted and loved for exactly who she is: a naked face, a pure heart, and a precious body that has a story to tell.

But she always wants to share her divine feminine with you. She might wear lipstick, not for her lover but for herself. She might take the time to curl her hair, paint her nails, and put on an outfit that shows her sacred body. But she always knows how to take it off at the end of the day and just be herself in jeans, hiking boots, coconut oil in her hair, and without anyone telling her that she must present herself a certain way to be accepted and to be loved.

She is a beautiful, sacred mystery that you must honor.

She is more than just a social media post. Her genuine presence will touch you. Her vulnerability shines. And she’s not afraid to share that with you. She needs a mind that will stimulate her and a heart that will nourish her. Feed her the soul food she needs. Get to know her internal essence.

She is looking for someone who isn’t perfect, but who wants to be brave. She wants you to be real and raw. She is not looking for the edited version—she is looking for the wholehearted version. If you want to love a woman who travels, do not cover up for her. Show yourself—all of it.

Love a woman who travels, but also let her go. Let her reclaim her wild, intuitive spirit and give her the heartful space to wander.

Fall in love with a woman who travels to go on an adventure of a lifetime.

And, most importantly, take the time to fall in love with her mind—the wings that will carry her home to roots of her heart.

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