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March 11, 2019

Introvert mistaken as arrogant. How difficult it is to initiate.

Being an introvert I embrace my emotions and my soft side.I trust another human. Belive what they say but dont let anyone get close to me.Never share my deep  and my desire.I Try to share as  little as I can. Maintain gravity. I’ve spent most of my life running solo, fighting my own battles and picking myself up by my bootstraps

This is partly my own fault, as I was blessed to have people around me who were more than willing to assist me in my times of need. Men who were willing to love me through the tough times.
That type who runs around to get the car door for me. But I didn’t want it

I saw it as weak. I fancied myself a warrior. In life intimacy takes on a whole new meaning. It’s most important thing for shy human .thats was the one place I would always show up. Being  vulnerable still surrender to another.

I enjoy  physicality, His presence,That strong shoulder to lean on.That particular masculine scent. Most importantly if I like their hearts, their souls …..This is basic but can’t be who have some consideration for the feelings of others.

My warrior

For a long time I searched for a man who was tougher than me, harder than me, stronger than me, more independent than me.

I craved the strong man who would throw me down on the floor, or up against the wall.  Pull my hair, bite my neck, talk dirty to me (only in bed) .The one who walks on the outside of the curb closest to traffic so I can walk inside. It dosent have to be flattering, who show interest without condescension.

There is no particular time for making love,This should happens all the time.  what better way to release tension than  than either laughing or hot and dirty and intense Vigorous activity.

Its important to make an agreement with one another. When that collision of energies arises,we need to talkabout our needs and desires. To honor a processes together
I’m not making any judgments on women who choose to sleep with total strangers. I’m not going to perpetuate that particular double standard. I will say that I don’t find that I have chemistry with just anyone. And I find it a wee bit insulting that we’re skipping getting to know each other part for the sex part. Or the attempt. Foreplay includes that slow build-up of getting to know one another—taking those smaller steps along the way.

we get so caught up in work to suppress. It enhance creativity,  productivity. Still not what you want.

when energy blocks released cleared out some channels and It’s like
debating in my head, I am raring to go.
But that is still risky, how men are socialized and seeing dishonest dating culture because ego still whispers that it’s too vulnerable to initiate.Question ourselves when it comes to initiation.

It’s not about taking a chance.It is something counter-intuitive
Whatever  because it’s never too hard figure it out later. One Who will definitely say if really like to see again or want to have even more time to get to know each other  own feelings of fear and avoidance of conflict. Instead of
freak flag he is  hiding

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