April 13, 2019

Someday, When I Write about Us.


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Author’s note: I wrote this 2014, before I met my current boyfriend. We met in 2015 and became a couple in 2016. Every time I read this, it gives me goosebumps because my “someday” has now been fulfilled.


Someday, when I write about us, I will start with how we met.

It might not be something romantic—since those scenes only exist in films—but at least our story is worth the ears of people who might want to know how it happened. I can’t think of the plot right now, but that’s okay. I know it will be a nice start to the story we are both dying to live.

Maybe I’ll write about how we fell in love. That first moment when we opened our eyes to the recognition that we planned all of this before we were even born.

I will write about the fear I will feel because I have never felt this kind of love before, and it is something I will never be able to explain. I don’t know about your past, but I will write about how you will tell me that everything seems like the first time. It is always different—the moment you fall in love, even though you’ve felt it for different people in the past.

I will believe that this is a miracle. I will trust the feeling, because whatever it is, it is taking me somewhere. It is slowly changing my world.

I will write about the first argument we will have. I still have no idea what it will be about. We will talk it over though, because we know from other peoples’ experiences that it is always best to leave the lines of communication open. We will get through it, and it will make us stronger because we’ll know how to compromise. We won’t promise it will be the last fight, but we will promise to resolve every misunderstanding sans the drama because we are mature people working toward a mature relationship.

In the prose I will be writing, I will describe how beautiful your smile is and how I want to get lost every time you look at me. I will write, in detail, every line in your brow when it creases because you don’t understand what I’m saying—because I talk way too fast sometimes. People who read it will know how we laugh at little things that others don’t understand. We laugh regardless of how they feel; we laugh because we feel like laughing.

Someday, when I write about us, I will tell people about how magical my view is each morning. How the sunshine is put to shame every time I wake up next to you. They will read about our talks while sipping coffee, and how we plan to live our lives. They will know that we promise to live independently but together, because there’s too much pressure in making each other the center of our universe.

They will know that we’ve maintained the friendships we had before our life together, and that we risked remembering that there are still people in our lives who we love, silently. It won’t mean we love each other less, it just means that we understand that love does not exclude us from the world—it allows us to create a bigger circle, to expand our universe.

I will write about how we walk, hand in hand, toward the sunset. How we are thankful for realizing that we’re meant to be. People will know of our imperfections, about the silly things we’ve done and regret doing. People will read about how we moved on from every mistake we committed.

Someday, when I write about us, I will tell them that ours was not a perfect love story, but we loved and lived and it is enough.


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