April 1, 2019

The Astrology of April: a time to Examine & Heal our Emotional Blisters.


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*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


If you had the chance to revisit experiences or relationships from times gone by, which one would you choose?

Are there burrs and pebbles from your past that you’re still carrying around in your proverbial shoe?

Every year, the outer planets begin fresh retrograde journeys, appearing to reverse direction of movement in the sky. This gives each of us here on Earth the opportunity to turn around and look to our histories, inviting us to empty our shoes of things that have been giving us emotional blisters.

Retrogrades don’t always feel easy (exploring the past can be tough work), but recognizing that our sharp places exist is a gift, especially if we’re able to process and release them.

This April, three outer planets station retrograde (and will remain so for several months each), and thus begins an auspicious period in which to reexamine the ways we’ve been operating.

New Moon: Aries

Before that happens though, we have a new moon in the sign of Aries on April 5th. After the last few months of free-floating and being immersed more thoroughly in our thoughts and fantasies than in reality, this new moon in Aries is just the kind of self-assured and strong-willed energy shift we need to generate some momentum. Are you ready to drop out of the clouds and accomplish something substantial? Aries energy is excellent for initiating.

We may see a theme emerge that involves discovering new and exciting ways to take care of ourselves. Despite the fact that the word “selfish” has negative connotations, we do need to focus on ourselves sometimes. Determining our passions and pursuing them helps position us in the driver’s seat of our lives, and optimizes our creative ability to make things happen.

Retrograde: Moving Back in Time

Speaking of action, Jupiter is the first planet to go retrograde this month on April 10th, beginning the backtracking action meant to bring us into more intricate alignment with ourselves. Jupiter broadens our perspectives and gives us a framework for living a meaningful life. In retrograde, we may be shown the places where our viewpoints have become too narrow, or where there are high-level lessons to learn. How can we heighten our awareness? What kinds of teachings are unfolding in our lives?

When Pluto goes retrograde on April 24th, we’ll want to open ourselves up to seeing the secrets we keep out of habit, and become aware of our emotional coping mechanisms. What do we automatically hide from others (and from ourselves)? What makes us seethe with rage? What makes us avoid and numb? Pluto in retrograde is a galvanizing force that stimulates us to pick up and examine the less appealing but richly honest parts of our soul, becoming familiar with the numerous qualities present.

Saturn follows suit on April 29th. Saturn represents authority and requires us to work hard for our rewards, accolades, and achievements. We all have judges, teachers, coaches, bosses, parents, and our own inner critic who we want to impress. Where do we struggle the most for approval, or to be recognized? Our burning desires to please and achieve will likely show themselves in various ways during this retrograde. Saturn will present opportunities to put in the kind of hard work that merits the rewards we crave. Are we willing to do what it takes? That’s the question.

Full Moon: Libra

The full moon graces us with her presence on April 19th and will be in the sign of Libra, placing the sun across the sky in the sign of Aries. The sun enters Taurus the very next day on April 20th, and it’s worth mentioning that the sun and moon were in the same signs respectively during the full moon in March (2019).

This points to continuing themes around our relationships; how do our needs match or clash with those of our partner? What kind of partnership do we wish to have? What’s standing in our way?

Things may get complicated (we are talking about relationships after all) because Venus—the planet of love, pleasure, and self-worth—makes a difficult connection to the moon while Juno, the asteroid associated with long-term relationships and marriage makes a harmonious connection to both the sun and moon.

Does this mean the side of us that believes love to be conditional and a decisive factor of our self-worth will struggle, while the part of us that believes in the commitment of unconditional love will relax? Perhaps. It’s safe to say that both of these sides will add to our internal conversations around love.

Just know that relationship dynamics coming to our attention during this full moon seek resolution. Realizations can grease the wheels of our awareness and allow for easier movement. Imagine our current (and potential) relationships taking on a new sense of freedom at this time. We like freedom!

April is a month when we go back in time, but also keep an eye to the future. As always, this requires a balancing act where we do our best with what we have, while at the same time remembering that the rewards are found in the journey, and not necessarily at the destination.


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