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May 2, 2019

Improve Your Life in 5 Simple Steps

Few of us can escape the growing complacency that comes with living a routine life. The purpose of life is to reach our full potential, but many people seem to be fine with mediocrity. While this potential looks different for each person, few people ever try to reach the next level in life. If you’re determined to live your best life, keep reading for five ways you can drastically improve your life today.

Stop Criticizing Yourself

Few of us realize the thing that’s holding us back from progressing in life is looking us in the mirror. While you may not realize what effect self-criticism has on you, this negative habit is incredibly destructive. The more you put yourself down and think negative thoughts about yourself, the more you’ll start to believe it and act accordingly.

Start correcting this behavior to begin to uplifting yourself with positive thoughts. Thinking “I can do it” and “I believe in myself” will do far more for you than any kind of negative put down will.

Rethink Your Commute

While most people accept their commute as an unavoidable part of whatever job they have, this isn’t the case. If you have an exceptionally long commute, you’re effectively wasting hours of your life each day just to get to work. Pair that with a job you don’t like, and you’re spending the majority of your days unhappy and unfulfilled.

Consider finding a way to change your commute–whether that means opting for a closer job or moving closer to work. If neither are an option, try to find a way to use your commute time more wisely. As you travel to work each day in your 2019 Toyota Corolla, listen to an audiobook or podcast so you’re already in an uplifted frame of mind before getting to your job.

Say Goodbye to Draining Relationships

Relationships have the power to strengthen us or drain us. Powerful friendships can help shape the people we are while draining relationships can break us. If you have any manipulative or toxic people in your circle, now is the time to let them go. These people only have their own best interests at heart and aren’t helpful or healthy for you.

Though you may feel a sense of loss or guilt at letting go of these toxic people, you will be better for it. You can’t continue to grow in life if you are being tied down by people that are determined to hold you back.

Quit Obsessing Over Social Media

Social media is a helpful tool for individuals looking to connect with long lost friends and family members, as well as entrepreneurs and business people hoping to network more. However, the benefits of social media can be outweighed by the drawbacks. Just as it’s easy to connect with someone that might change your life online, you may find that your social media habit has become something of a pollutant in your life.

Many people find that watching the people they follow post on social media triggers feelings of jealousy, depression, and insecurity. To make sure that social media remains a tool, try limiting the time you spend on it. Instead of finding yourself scrolling endlessly through Instagram or Facebook, make it a point to only spend half an hour in the morning or night looking at these apps. You’ll see how much better you feel by plugging into reality more than social media.

Stop Talking About Other People

Though it may seem that only school children gossip, this isn’t the case for many people. Oftentimes, friends will talk negatively about one another behind each others’ backs and will spread rumors in professional circles as well. While sharing our true feelings isn’t inherently wrong, making a habit of gossiping is toxic.

It’s time to cut the habit of talking about others. When you find yourself wanting to talk badly about someone, make it a point to not say anything if there isn’t anything kind you can say. If you do have an issue with someone, try talking to them directly about your problems. More often than not, you both will be able to solve these issues together.

You only get one life, so make your moments matter. You never know what tomorrow may hold so live each day to the fullest by applying these eight things to your life.

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