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May 31, 2019

If You’re Feeling Psychically Sensitive This Month, Neptune Explains Why

We rest in relative safety when we interpret our lives through a lens of fact and predictability.

The scientific among us hold up various forms of “proof” that the world is as we say, and it’s easy enough to be lulled into believing that “facts” are true enough. In our sleepiness though, we lose touch with the existence of things we cannot see with our eyes, or touch with our hands. We deem them nonsense and delusion. And yet… there’s magic. It may remain unexpressed and misunderstood, but it does exist; it’s always here.


In astrology, there’s a planet that rules those things… unbounded space, the invisible realms, the fields of possibility. This planet is called Neptune. The month of June brings Neptune energy to the forefront as it makes impactful connections to Jupiter and Saturn, and later stations retrograde.

On June 16th Jupiter squares Neptune. A square makes us work, and Jupiter amplifies what it touches. If our relationship to magic is one of distrust or disbelief, we may find some of those convictions unravelling. If on the other hand we tend to neglect the rational, circumstances may invite us to develop a closer relationship to reality. It can work either way you see.

On June 18th, Saturn sextiles Neptune. A sextile feels good, making things easier, and Saturn brings us boundaries and limits. Because Neptune lacks boundaries, we might feel like this is a powerful time to reign ourselves in, and reality-check our pipe dreams.

New Moon in Gemini June 3rd

Gemini specializes in communication and information, but there are requirements: in order to stay engaged, an element of intrigue must be present.  In other words- Gemini needs mental stimulation. New Moons are the best times of the month for setting goals and making plans, and Gemini is chiefly a communication sign. If there are questions that need to be answered, this is the time to ask them. If there are writing or publishing ambitions, seek out the means to make headway toward those goals.

The pathways to any intentions we set at this time will become clear, especially if we’re excited and eager for them to do so. Any resistance that shows up is likely related to fear or boredom. If the struggle is due to worry- calling on inner wisdom to help push us through is the key. If it’s apathy, remember that Gemini detests tedium. When we just can’t gain traction on goals, reevaluating projects and injecting them with some spice and passion will help us gain momentum.

Full Moon in Sagittarius June 17th

Sagittarius challenges us to be genuine. Not the kind of “authenticity” that will get us the most likes, or that will gain us the most respect. This is a call to present the purest, truest versions of ourselves. As Full Moons are about release, it’s good time to give the concept of personal opinion some thought. Of course truth is subjective, and chiefly based on our own opinions and life experiences, so remember- we aren’t here to force people to believe what we do, and expecting them to find us extraordinary simply because of what we share, is limiting.

The goal is that our voice be heard, that we are attuned to and believed, even if there’s disagreement. That’s what this Moon is about. With the Sun across the sky in Gemini and a lack of significant planetary connections, rest assured that if we do nothing more than seek to discern what is true for us during this Moon, we will have harnessed the essence of the mission.

Sun Enters Cancer/Summer Solstice

The Sun slips into the sign of Cancer on June 21st, and this is truly a day for celebration as it arrives on the Solstice. The June Solstice, whether it be summer in the Northern Hemisphere, or winter in the Southern, is always a time of importance.

Because a Solstice is either representative of the longest or shortest day (respectively) of the year, it functions as a yearly yet ancient reminder that we are deeply entwined and connected to the cycles of the land, plants, water and Sun. Because of the Sun, we have light, we grow food, we are warm. Cancer is a water sign, emphasizing that water is also an essential piece of the tapestry supporting our life force. The Solstice distills those principals for us, if only for a day. If you feel called to a personal ritual that guides you into contact with the mysterious earth and her regenerative cycles, today is a magical day to conduct one.

Neptune Stations Retrograde June 21st

Speaking of magic and enchantment, this feeling will be even further emphasized on June 21st because Neptune stations retrograde. As mentioned above, Neptune rules things we don’t always understand like magic, mysticism, empathy, illusion and deception- things for which tangible proof or reason do not necessarily exist.

When a planet goes retrograde, it appears to move backward in the sky, giving us here on earth the opportunity to look back at the things we haven’t understood in our lives, but would like to. In this case, we might find that our spiritual practices undergo a deepening, or perhaps we may just feel called to explore our psychic sensitivities and personal delusions. Neptune transits can be very internalizing and transcendent, and this retrograde period will last until November of 2019.

All in all, June is a month in which the veils between cold hard reality and elusive enlightenment will be more transparent than usual. Communication will help us navigate any confusions that arise. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy the softening, invite the revelations, and explore the inspiration. Know that if you need a reset, sleep is a wonderful aid during this time.


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