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May 4, 2019

Nobel Prize 1913: Vaccines Containing Food Proteins May Trigger Deadly Food Allergies.

Nobel Prize 1913: Vaccines Containing Food Proteins May Trigger Food Allergies

Covid-19 vaccine designers take note!

I am in favour of well designed vaccines. Vaccines when properly designed can prevent disease. Poorly designed vaccines containing food protein have been linked to the creation of food allergies. The following facts show that this was known as early as 1904 by medical researcher Charles Richet.

The Nobel Prize was awarded to Charles Richet in 1913 for discovering almost 130 years ago that injecting a protein into animals or humans causes immune system sensitization to that protein. Subsequent exposure to the protein can result in allergic reactions or anaphylaxis. He is the scientist who first recognized anaphylaxis. This is the name for life threatening food allergies such as a peanut allergies.

The CDC and other vaccine authorities refuse to study the issue of food protein additions to vaccines. Perhaps they are only paying attention to profits and pressures from vaccine manufacturers who have defied the advice of researchers and consistently included food protein in vaccine formulae. Vaccine manufacturers have ignored the advice that won the Nobel Prize of 1904!

In North America today almost 2% of children have a peanut allergy that can cause life threatening reactions. Peanut allergies are uncommon in children of undeveloped countries where peanut products have been commonly used to relieve malnutrition.

In 2011, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) confirmed that food proteins in vaccines cause food allergy, in its 2011 report on vaccine adverse events. The IOM’s confirmation is the latest and most authoritative since Dr. Richet’s discovery. Many vaccines and injections contain food proteins. Many studies since 1940 have demonstrated that food proteins in vaccines cause sensitization in humans. Allergens in vaccines are not fully disclosed. No safe dosage level for injected allergens has been established. As a result, allergen quantities in vaccines and injections are not regulated. Allergen quantities in vaccine excipients are also not regulated. It has been demonstrated that a smaller quantity of allergen is needed to cause sensitization than elicitation. It is well recognized that many currently approved vaccines have enough allergen to cause anaphylaxis. Therefore, they contain more than enough allergen to cause sensitization.

Food Protein in Vaccines Proven Dangerous
Here is an example of a known food allergy caused by the companies making the vaccine actually putting food  protein material (gelatine) in the vaccine ingredients. This resulted in a food allergy just like Dr. Richet, the Nobel Prize winner of 1904 warned us about!

Here is a list of vaccine ingredients which all contain food protein.

Write to your government and ask for all food proteins to be removed from vaccines as soon as possible. It might take 10 years and billions of dollars but it’s time to start!

Let’s help to end food allergies.

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