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June 10, 2019

3 Amazing Reasons you Must learn to play Guitar

It is an admitted fact that nothing is easy to learn and the same is the case with guitar. To learn a skill, you must have inspiration and strong determination. Furthermore, it’s not a low hanging fruit to sit in the bedroom and play guitar for hours.

Initially, it seems difficult to learn the guitar and you will have to sacrifice other habits and hobbies to get this amazing skill. To overcome this difficulty and keep you motivated, I will share the top 3 amazing reasons why you should learn guitar.

Playing Guitar Makes you Healthy

Now, it’s a scientifically proven fact that playing guitar defeated your depressed feelings and makes your mood happy.

According to the research of McGill University, Playing and listening guitar in the morning relieve your stress and keep you fit all over the day. Moreover, Dopamine is the brain’s chemical that controls your feelings of sadness and happiness. According to the studies, guitar music has a really good impact on Dopamine.

Guitar Increases the Productivity

Different organizations get the activity performed to improve the creativity of their employees. However, the most common and loving activity to increase the productivity of employees is listening to music.

USC Studies suggested that kids can resolve the puzzle games effectively who are regular students of musical classes.

Learn Guitar and Get your Girlfriend

Dailymail says that it’s no more a secret now that 33% of guitar students learn guitar to impress the girls. Interestingly, this action of boys attracts the girl more.

According to studies of Mensfitness, 28% of women and girls like the pictures of a man/boy with a guitar. On the flip side, 10% of girls like boys without a guitar.

Therefore, it’s an open secret now and a large number of boys and men are learning guitar to impress their girlfriends.

We know, it’s not a recommended inspiration to learn the guitar, however, it works and various famous people learned guitar because they wanted to impress their girlfriend. After learning the initial lessons of guitar, they fell in love with the guitar and became well-known guitarists.

Last Words

It admits of no doubt that learning guitars are not an easy task, nevertheless, by learning it, you are getting a lot of other benefits in your life. Therefore, don’t be demotivated and keep your journey on. One day, you will be more creative and successful.

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