June 23, 2019

Cows are not our Milk Machines.

The dairy industry relies on secrecy to stay in business.

It is not a victimless industry. It doesn’t matter if you purchase free range, grass fed, or factory farmed, all dairy is cruel. It’s true that some farms are worse than others. But less abuse is still abuse. So what exactly makes dairy so cruel?

In order for a female mammal to produce milk, they need to be pregnant. Most farms use artificial insemination in order to impregnate cows. After being impregnated, female cows will endure a nine month pregnancy, and when the calf is born, it will be stolen within a few hours or days of birth.

Cows are maternal animals and cry for their missing calves for days. Removing calves from mother cows is an extremely traumatic experience for both mother and child. Once the baby is removed, the milking will begin and will take place three times per day until her milk dries up.

Dairy cows have been selectively bred to produce up to 10 times more milk than they naturally would. The frequent milking causes them to have large udders which are extremely painful and uncomfortable. The milking also commonly causes an extremely painful infection in their udders called mastitis. Dairy cows will endure this treatment every year for around five years. After that, they will be sent to slaughter and turned into cheap meat.

Watch “Dominion,” “Cowspiracy,” and “What the Health.”

Oh, and go vegan.


author: Curelty_Free_Ellie

Image: Author's Own

Editor: Michelle Gean

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Janice Dolk Jun 30, 2019 9:52am

I so agree. I wish I could get more people to understand this. Thank you for this succinct, to-the-point article. Yes, GO VEGAN.

Sukriti Chhopra Jun 26, 2019 4:32am

Thank you for the crisp and hard-hitting factual narration.

Jessica Ruff Jun 25, 2019 5:44am

I agree 100%! Mama cows produce milk for their babies (not humans), just like all mammals.

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Ellie Molloy

Ellie Molloy is an anti-speciesist and animal liberation activist. Animals are individuals. They think, they feel, and they can suffer. They deserve moral consideration.