June 23, 2019

Our Workout Clothes are hurting the Environment. This is how. ~ Sarah Ticha

I don’t usually talk much about outfits or fashion.

But, a few months ago, I started educating myself about the fashion industry, and its oftentimes unfortunate impact on the environment.

I am not the perfect fair fashion person, but I do know that each one of my shopping decisions matters—each purchase is a vote for a cause I want to support.

That’s why I decided to buy and support brands that care about nature, animals, and the people living in this world.

Being a yogi, I’ve become aware of how yoga clothes (and most workout clothes) are made of polyester—essentially plastic.

Nerdy fun fact: plastics are made from petroleum. Those plastics are then used to make polyester clothing. And, the bottom line is that plastics are killing our environment. However, an alternative to polyester exists.

Bio-based polyamide, the material which my outfits are now made of, is a sustainable and innovative alternative to the traditional polyester. This bio-based material is made of tan oil that comes from the castor plant seeds. It has the same properties as conventional materials, but it’s greener, and known to save water.

Are your clothes environmentally friendly?


author: Sarah Ticha

Image: Author's Own

Editor: Michelle Gean

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Tina B Aug 25, 2019 2:16pm

Thank you for the info and awareness!

Kate Hamilton-Hunter Jun 24, 2019 9:13am

Great article, THANK YOU!! Have you tried yoga clothes made with bamboo? The world’s most sustainable crop and, as it’s a natural fibre, keeps you cool when it’s hot ans warm when it’s cold. In the UK we have a clothing company called BAM and I now buy all my yoga clothes from them… look them up bambooclothing.co.uk x

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Sarah Ticha

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