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June 21, 2019

Ten Questions to Help You Love Your Body Right Now

Ten Questions to Help You Love Your Body Right Now

Your ideal body is the one you have right now.  

A few days before my 43rd birthday, I heard my inside voice telling me that my “ideal body” was the one I had right now.  My inside voice had been telling me this my whole life, and sometimes I listened, and sometimes I didn’t, but this was the first time I realised that it was telling the truth, and not just trying to make me feel good.  

Suddenly, the struggle of a lifetime was over and in its place was peace.  

We often outsource personal agency and value-prioritisation to external sources who know nothing about us, our lives, our roots, our experiences, our shadows, or our own unique joys.  We continually face other people telling us what our “ideal body” “should” be. Strangers “should” all over us, focussing on the most irrelevant of minutiae that have nothing to do with the rich and intimate life journeys we have shared with our bodies.  Strangers tell us our “ideal” bodies “should” look a certain way, we “should” do certain things with them and not do other things with them, we “should” feel certain ways…but that stranger is not you. They don’t know anything about what your body and you have been through together, what you’ve learned together, or where you’re going together.

You know your light and your dark.  You know your roots and your dreams.  Yours is the only voice that matters.

Your body is you, the tangible manifestation of your life on this planet.  Can you have a talk with it and hear the truth it has to tell you?

Ten Questions to Ask Your Ideal-Right-Now Body

What lessons has your body taught you?

How has your body made you who you are today?  

How have you made your body what it is today?

How has your relationship with your body evolved over the years?

How has your relationship with your body reflected your relationships with other people?

How has your relationship with your body reflected your relationship with yourself?

What is something amazing your body did for you today?

What is something amazing your body is doing for you right now?

What is something you love about your body?

What is a challenge you’ve had with your body that has helped you integrate your dark side?

Your body, and uniquely your body, and nobody else’s, is a perfect amalgam of all your joys, your challenges, you roots and your possibilities, your past, your present, and your future.  Your body is the sum total of every aspect of your existence: physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental; made tangible for your short, precious visit to this Earth.

Please enjoy it while you have it.    

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