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July 8, 2019

Authenticity is my Superpower, not my Psychic Abilities.

A psychic medium is not merely a label or title, but rather an aspect of self. To be able to pierce the veil, channel spirit, see the unseen, hear the unheard, smell what others cannot, and to feel damn near everything are only small aspects of what I can do.

Astral travel, bilocation, and telepathy are some of the other aspects that few can wrap their heads around, but are innate to my being.

I did not choose my psychic abilities in this lifetime. I did however, choose how I use and share them with the world. To be of benefit and betterment. They are inherently part of me – a piece of my authentic self.

I will no longer placate to your discomfort of this aspect of me.

Instead I ask you to go inward – ask yourself “why does this part of her make me uncomfortable?”

I know I had to ask myself this very question years ago. I hid my gifts since I was a child. Then shut most of them down completely. Until one day my soul said “no more!”

All of them came flooding in like rapid fire, mostly from being triggered while in the midst of being gaslighted. Abuse will do this to empaths, clairvoyants, psychics or whatever term you prefer to use. It will bring out what you’ve been hiding under lock and key.

All my psychic abilities went into hyperdrive. Partly because I needed those abilities to protect myself from the man gaslighting me. The other part was that it was time. Divine time. Universal time. Not linear time and definitely not on my time.

When this happened I was afraid of what other people would think, say, and do to me. I made people squirm in their skin. I could feel, see and hear it multi-dimensionally.

Other times I was afraid of my own magic and power. I was dimming my own light. However, once I finally accepted who I was, and stood in my power, I knew there was no going back. No more hiding.

I realized that downplaying and outright hiding the fact that I was psychic for all those years allowed others to feel more comfortable around me. Thus allowing me to be comfortable around others, but that was not a life I wanted to live anymore.

It was actually selfish. I was more concerned with how I felt than how those around me felt. That was no longer in line with my integrity.

So I chose, and consciously choose, to live a life of authenticity. To boldly say “if you don’t believe me, or like that I’m psychic, then that’s your problem – not mine.” What other people think about me is none of my business.

I had to learn, and learn quickly, boundaries – especially energetic boundaries. When you start doing boundary work, which is essential to psychics, the people that took advantage of your poor boundaries will fight back or lash out. Keep reinforcing them. Honor the consequences you put in place when those boundaries are broken or stepped over, otherwise your boundaries are meaningless.

I had to do this in every area of my life, especially when asked about my psychic abilities. I am open to questions. I get questions all the time about my abilities from family, friends and clients.

However, interrogations and testing are not questions. They are in fact, disrespectful. As is asking for free psychic guidance every time I hear from you. In fact, it’s the only time I hear from you. It’s the same as when I only hear from people when they need medical advice (I’m also a physician assistant). I’m happy to be of service, but I’m not a doormat. So prepare yourself to meet my boundaries. 

I am a living, breathing human being with feelings and a soul. I deserve to be respected regardless of your perception of me. That’s the minimum. If you can’t meet that, then kindly walk away.

I am a multi-faceted being with many sides to my personality. However, it wasn’t until I let my stone cold weirdo self shine through that my life started to flourish in ways that I could have never imagined. I was light. I was free. I was flying my freak flag of authenticity, which included my psychic abilities. All the things I once held back that make me weird, odd, bizarre even, were out there on display. I was finally able to breathe.

This is your actual superpower – authenticity. No one gives a sh*t about your status or labels (if you, or others, do then that’s a different topic for another day). What weird sh*t that makes you unique are you hiding? I want that. The world needs more of that – because what you are hiding from the world might actually be exact thing  that we need right now.

I am honored, humbled and grateful to be a conduit. A medium. This is an aspect of myself – not my whole self. Being psychic is not my superpower. Living an authentic life is my superpower. It’s yours, as well.

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