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July 12, 2019

Conscious Business, Conscious Lives – What is Your Vibrational Frequency Setpoint?

Within the business world, there is a leader who tells you what to do (aka the boss) and you who does it which has us feel disempowered and uninspired. Many businesses today are out for the ‘sale’ or profits, what can they get out of the transaction and how can beat my competitor.

What if business could be creating and co~creating dreams, visions in which all, including the boss, feel inspired? This then inspires the whole company and therefore increases productivity and manifesting a thriving business. What if business is about benefiting all in the business and in service to all, benefiting all of humanity rather than the boss/slave worker gotta get whats in it for me, us vs. them mentality which creates separation and clearly no longer works?

There is the new paradigm that is beginning to emerge. And it is something I have coined as Conscious Business, Conscious Lives. And it is based upon one main fundamental foundation ~ Connection.


Within what I do as a Complimentary Wholistic Therapist, although in every day life such would be called a ‘business’ and in practicality of this earthly life one can call it such I suppose, for me though, it is about transforming the consciousness of this world from one of war, hate, hurt, pain and into who we really are which is Love and all the attributes of Love in how may I serve, what may I give, how can I assist rather than it being a ‘business’. My life is dedicated to this purpose and how I approach this is through connection, building REALationships (real relationships) with people in which I thrive ‘business’ wise and those whom I assist thrive within having their needs truly met wholistically.

Truly at the heart of any business then is connection. Whilst we all require money in this paradigm for provisions in life, tis the connection that is most important. For it is through that that abundance financially and in all ways flows. When you provide a service that someone requires and create a connection which is more about helping them then the price tag, then people are most willing to then give from their heart what it is you are requiring financially. When it is all about the sale, people are turned off. People want to know you care about them and helping enhance their lives before money is given.

The tried and true success tip in business then is that it is free from being about “getting a sale”. It is about helping people. When a person knows you care about them, have their best interests at heart, and that you want to be and do your best to assist them with what they need to better their lives, that is growing a business, whether it is with the people who co~create (work) for you, the ones you are in service to, or in all of life.

Too many times people take a business to mean that they gotta make money. Which yes is true, to a point. The better question to ask is~ what is your vibrational frequency set point for your business? In other words, what vibration are you broadcasting in a radio signal channel about your business?

If you are doing business for money reasons only, your vibration is free from being that of helping people and caring about providing service in how may I give, how may I serve and the business will be free from truly prospering. True prosperity and abundance within business and within life comes from being in service within how may I give, how may I serve, what can I do to assist you and/or co~create with you for the benefit of all including us. Tis through genuine connection, Love and all its attributes (such as loving kindness, compassion, caring, giving, co~creation, co~operation, empathy, compassionate listening, community, the benefit of all, generocity, how may I serve, what may I give, how can I assist) that a business and all of life grows, blossoms, flourishes, thrives.

Branding~ Goes Hand in Hand with Connection

Within the New Earth model of Conscious Business, we are to deeply and consciously look at what it truly means to brand our business. There are three keys to truly be successful in branding our business and within any digital or other forms of marketing~

1. Vibrational Frequency Broadcasting~ First thing to understand is again your vibrational frequency set point. If you are coming from a resonance of trying to get rather than give this is old paradigm, meat~market like where people are seen just as a commodity and your business will be free from thriving. Instead of seeing it as ‘marketing’ something or someone, I invite you to see it from what gifts do I have that can really benefit someone’s life. Then naturally as you share those and are passionate about what makes you come alive in benefiting another’s life, the marketing then does itself.

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2. Come From the Heart in BEing Genuine~ Branding yourself in Conscious Business (or even in life) is never about what facade can I put out there so that I can get you to like me, buy something from me, or what I can get from you. Branding yourself is about who are you really? It is simply you BEing YOU! Real, raw, vulnerable, and from the heart and simply sharing your gifts with the world. It is how may I serve and help YOU through the gifts that Source has given me? When you come from that genuinity, that realness, the brand then comes to you rather than you going to it. The branding then IS YOU! I would invite you to ask yourself these questions~

* If I were to die this day, what would people say about me and my legacy of what I gave to them?

* Did I change their lives for the better?

That is the branding rather than what sounds or looks good to “sell” an image. It is about being the REAL YOU and then the brand comes to you.

3. Consistency~ Most people are free from liking being ‘marketed’ to or ‘sold’ to. They want a connection with you, a REALationship (real relationship) with you in which trust is there rather than some gimmick or sales pitch just for them to buy what your peddling. As shared above, consistency comes within continuously building that REALationship of connection, rather then just to sell someone something, but truly connecting on a consistent basis showing you care and are willing to assist them in making their lives better which in turn then benefits all of humanity that then melds with number two above within coming from the heart in being genuine.

In life and in the business world, we all desire to feel inspired. When I Am inspired (or in Spirit as this is what inspired means) with what I Love, I Am One with it, within it. Thus I see such as me and as Source sees it and therefore treat as Source would with Love, respect, and consideration. Equally, when I come from a vibration of lack of inspiration (feeling disempowered and the like), I feel disconnected, separated from that which I Love. Dependence, co~dependence, separation, and even independence are all extremes that in life and also within the business world we clearly see are free from working individually and collectively. What is required is what Buddha lived and taught which is balance, the middle path. That middle path is Interdependence, interconnection. One need only to look to nature to see interdependence, interconnection.

The Sun is free from saying, ‘I Am going to shine over here and I Am going to be independent on my own and to heck with the rest of you, I Am creating on my own shining for me’ (independence), nor does it say, Oh ground I cannot exist without you, I must shine upon you and you have to take care of me’ (dependence and co~dependence). No. Rather, nature is in co~creational harmony of interdependence, interconnection as the Sun shines and in turn the flowers grow and so on within assisting and benefiting all.

This is the new business model we are to teach the business world within Conscious Business. For the same way we use the spiritual wisdom within our daily lives of Love, compassion, compassionate listening, loving kindness, and all the attributes of Love, such can also be utilised within business, simply adapted to the environment of the business world within these for main visions~

*The Divinity Spark Within~ Seeing the Source/Divinity within one another first in a REALationship (a REAL relationship, connection with one another) rather than just an employer/employee(s). Nourishing our connection within and with one another (in business or within any place in our lives).

*Lighting the Match of Inspiration~ BEing inspired from within first so you then can inspire others. Asking~ What has me feel so inspired to share with the earth and how can I bring such forth?

*The Flame of Inspiring Others~ Going from what no longer serves/works for us and into SOULutions (solutions of the Soul) of what does work within the business itself, with those who work in the business, in relation to/with customers (can also apply within life in our relationships and all of life) in asking ~ How can we co~create together for the benefit of all? How can we be in co~operation rather than competition?

*The Chalice~ Inspiring the Earth within sharing our gifts with the earth to create a business (a life) that is thriving in service to all humanity and asking how we can inspire one another in support of one another each shining our light rather than competition and jealousy.

Conscious Lives mean Conscious Business and Conscious Business means Conscious Lives, they are One. For you are unable to be spiritual and conscious within life yet free from being in business and vice versa and still be within integrity. Spirituality is inclusivity, it encompasses every area of our lives. When we can heal and transform our relationship within, with others, we then can also heal and transform our businesses and jobs/careers. Equally, when we can heal what is giving us issues within our business lives/career/job, we then can also heal our relationships. There is free from being any separation, they go hand in hand. They are One. For at the heart of it, the soul of it all, We Are All One. With the choice to be conscious, our lives and our businesses thrive!


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