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July 12, 2019

Discover the Secret to a Real Relationship – What a REALationship is and How to Find True Intimacy

Discover the Secret to a Real Relationship

What a REALationship is and How to Find True Intimacy ~ Into Me See

Pssstttt….I have a secret to share with you. Something very few know or understand. It is what true, real relationships are. Now I know, I know, there are loads of articles out there claiming to have the keys and secrets to successful relationships. However, what I Am about to reveal to you is something that will blow your mind and open your heart in a new way of seeing and experiencing relationships that you never even imagined before! Why? Because we are going into our Soul to discover this secret! Ready to dive deep into this Sea of Love? Let’s go!….

We have all had the experience where we are watching a film and we seem to just get into the screen and we are the film. It is as if the film is us and the film is real and we become so drawn in so deeply, so intensely and then boom when the 2 hours is done, you supposedly snap back into ‘reality’ and you then think that ‘ok the film is over that was just a film’.

What if I were to tell you though that the film is real? First, in another dimension, what is occurring in the film is an actual other dimension in which that is occurring. Then the deepest aspect is this~ the film is real because there is no separation, no difference, no you as a separate object and the film, screen, and characters and such as separate objects. At the deepest level soulfully it is all us and we are all it, and this is where we hear the term We Are All One from as we are all made of the same ‘stuff’ or vibrational frequency energy. This is why we get so into the film as if it is real so deeply and so intensely, because it IS real, it is us, we are One with it as the Source/Godness of it is within it and is it and we are this as well.

From the Soul perspective, multi~dimensions are the same way, for we only perceive multi~dimensions from the resonance of separate object of us and the multi~dimensions. In deepest Soul and Source truth there is only One~ One dimension with all lives being lived at On(e)ce. We call it multi~dimensional so we can wrap our humanness of consciousness around it. Quantum Physics is now proving this what we have within our Soul intuitively known since the time before time.

Love is this way as well. The truest essence of Love is to see the I Am, the Source/God within one another and to deLIGHT within it, honour, celebrate, uplift, and shine it within and within another wholly and Holy. This is the deepest form of IntoMeSee (intimacy). When I see you, I see God.

Relationship is two separate objects relating or attempting to connect to become One. REALationship, REAL relationship or union is where there is the collapse of there being two separate objects, you are just One. There is free from being any attempts of two beings coming together to become One or to come together to be in union, for you are just One. There is free from being any attempt to connect~ you are connection, you are connected, you are in union, you are union.

You see, feel, experience one another as One ~ I Am ye, ye are me, we see the God/Source within thee infinitely, deeply, and intensely. You REALEYES (realise, seeing with real eyes, into me see, intimacy) with just this subtle inner knowing that there is never nor has ever been a difference between you~ of a you are you and (s)he is him/her, you realeyes you are the same ~not in a sameness though, rather within an I Am you and I Am Source through you. It is a soul recognition as if you are Soul Gazing into you as you as you gaze into one another’s eyes where time stands still and there is no one else just you as only One….free from knowing where you end and (s)he begins because there is none of that, it is just an infinite circle of One, Oneness, wholeness, Source, Love.

From that resonance, then you just simply naturally from the inwelling within your heart of that Oneness/Union you are deLIGHT in one another as Source as you ~uplifting, inspiring, co~creating in manifestation from that impulse and vision of Love through you, growing and glowing in the flowing of Source through you as you. You fully get one another, understand one another, as you ARE the other….and in that there is no other, there is just union, Oneness, Love.

For some souls on this earth, they choose to be within REALationship/union with someone as a means to come into God/Love/Source/the Master Artist. The new template or paradigm of REALationships as co~creationships then is this~

I already REALEYES (realise) that I Am Source/God/Love incarnate; as I already have arrived in being in union with and within Source, it is from this whole, perfect, completeness, and beautifulness that I Am that I choose to share with another that completeness in union to where there is free from being any other, there is simply this infinite circle of One, Oneness, wholeness, Source, within this Sea of Love that flows between the shore of our souls as OneSoul embodied. A partner that I share my completeness with, that allows me to grow into the awareness that I Am already and always, in all ways whole, perfect, complete, and beautiful simply as I Am and (s)he with me for I see whomever my partner is as this as well.

REALationship/Union is both/and~ Both a union of souls and heart and also the earthly everydayness of living together, sleeping together in a tantric lovemaking and enjoying cuddling and loving one another physically and also being Love and all the attributes of Love soulfully. It is the aspect of balance of making love to the heart and the soul first and also making love tantrically physically if one chooses as well.

REALationship is~ being together day by day where you Love to Love~where you Love because you just Love loving; free from being because you need someone to Love you back, rather simply because that is what there is is to Love, you just simply Love to Love, you Love because this is who you are is Love which is the Love that Source itself is. It is a co~creationship with Source, with one another as One, and with all of life.

There is a deLIGHTful juiciness within two souls being within this consciousness of spiritual maturity. Of loving to Love in a very blissful a very giving, a very compassionate and very generous REALationship/union in which you can go much more deeper and higher twogether (two being as One) than you can on your own. This occurs within being in union with Source first, then within yourself, then with one another, then giving that to the world. It is a vibration to where you just feel the presence of Love when in your partners presence and you are just drawn to this soul, to be with this particular being as when you see them you see Love/God/Source.

Even the word partner takes on a new meaning in a REALationship. For within being real, raw, vulnerable, and from the heart they are free from being a partner as in a ‘part’ of you. They are free from coming to complete you, rather they come to assist you in the revelation that you are already complete so that when you are in their presence you feel the completeness you are, you feel home within Source, and you recognise your own completeness when you gaze upon him (or her) and you mirror that completeness back to him (or her) and they be/do such for you as well.

Partner then means a participant or co~creatorship contributor within this revealing of more and more of who you are as Soul/Source incarnate as OneSoul in two bodies. REALationship in this way is a very delicious, juicy, engaging of at Onement (which is what Atonement really means At One ment) or union, as it feels like home and empowers you to go out into the world with that sense of completeness and give to the world of your gifts individually and together. It is an I Am complete and within my union with you is the revelation, the insight of my own completeness.

Are you will to step into the true REALationship of Into Me See?

Lady Nenari is the Founder/Director of The DiamondLight Soul Centre and as a Complimentary Wholistic Therapist specialises in OneSoul REALationships Mentoring for individuals and couples, Meditational Hypnotherapy, Sound Healing Therapy, and Akashic Records Soul Mediumship Reading. To book in a one to one session with her or for the courses she teaches, visit her website

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