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July 12, 2019

The 66 second Hack that Can Save Your Relationship

Within the OneSoul REALationship mentoring I give, there are thousands whom write to me daily enquiring of me to assist them in their relationships of all kinds. From deep intimate romantic relationships and marriages, to twinsoul/near twin/soulmate relationships, parental relationships, and so on. One of the most common frustrations I hear is how people seem to butt heads in falling out with one another, unable to feel seen, heard, felt, and understood.

My mission and purpose here on this earth is to assist people such as you whom are reading this to come into who you really are of your Soul and to shine it. To come into the deepness of what you thirst for, long for, within integration and connection with Source, within, with a partner if you so choose, and with all. In my mentoring, as in my life, I come from a resonance of real, raw, vulnerable, and from the heartness within my approach to assisting those on the Sacred Path of the Soul. Equally, those who know me best and those whom I mentor will also attest that every now and again when required, I will give a loving kick in the bum as well lol! This said though, the way to transform our lives and heal our relationships into REALationship (real relationships of the heart and soul) is through connection.

Within that, I Am going to offer you an invitation into a special hack~ a 66 second hack that can improve and even save your REALationship, whatever form of REALationship you have in your life. Now, I preface this by saying, if you are experiencing any form of an abusive relationship, please love yourself enough to walk away and heal. This hack is free from being for these types of scenarios.

The 66 second hack is for those REALationships that you feel there is struggle yet is something that in your heart you know can be sorted through. Thus, before you choose to walk away I invite you to give this a go then. With this simple tip, you can get back the relationship or even create a deeper bond of closeness in an already good relationship. It is something that I myself over the years have utilised in many of my REALationships bringing healing to them.

First though, you may be asking yourself~ Why does she say 66 seconds rather than the standard 60 seconds or one minute? From the soul numerology perspective, the number 66 equals 12. Twelve is a Divine Consciousness number and is very powerful in Lemuria. Most people know about Atlantis, well Lemuria in linear succession of earthly time is before Atlantis. I have videos on Lemuria on my youtube and also information about Lemuria on my website. Sixty~six is also double 6 and six in soul numerology is the merkaba or merkabah essence which is who we are as Soul within our Lightbody. “Mer” meaning Light, “Ka” means Spirit, “Ba” means BEing or Body. Mer~Ka~Ba means the Soul embodied within Lightbody Consciousness. Therefore, there deep spiritual power within doing this hack I Am about to give you for 66 seconds.

The 66 Second Hack

The hack then that can save your REALationship that I invite you into giving a go before you walk away is….something that is known as Soul Gazing.

Soul Gazing ~ what is that you ask? Soul Gazing is something that I utilise in several varying ways within the courses I teach and in one to one or couple sessions as well, thus there are multiple ways this can be practised. For the purposes of this article and its intent, Soul Gazing can be practiced this way~

1. Stop wherever you are in the midst of the argument or if you are free from speaking due to being angry come into the same room with the one you are having issues getting on with and find a place where you both can either stand facing one another or sit facing one another (provided they are willing. If they are free from being willing, come to them at a time when they are).

2. By yourself first close your eyes both of you (as long as the other person is willing, if not, you still can do this yourself) and take 4 slow what are called Buddha~belly breathes or for us as singers we know this as diaphragmatic breathing. This is where you be as you were when you were a wee lad or lass (or if you see children when they sleep) of breathing deeply in through the nose and expanding your belly fully as you breath in. And as you breath in imagine calmness, centredness, relaxation, and Love flowing through you. Then breathing out through the nose in simply releasing, letting go. Doing four of these breathes this way automatically calms your autonomic nervous system which is what gets activated in an argument within fight, flight, freeze reptilian brain hijacked mode which has us unable to think clearly. This form of breathing calms, centres, and relaxes you so you can be in a more heart~centred resonance.

3. Then turn to the person you are with and without saying any words at all to one another, simply gaze into one another’s eyes.

Now, the first 10 seconds to 20 seconds or so may feel a little uncomfortable as one or both of you (especially is you have felt angry, hurt, etc from the situation) may possibly feel intimidated and vulnerable like ‘Oh my gosh I Am completely naked and being seen’, yet this is GOOD! I invite you to keep going with it, simply allow the process to unfold sitting in the silence and simply BE with this one before you.

What begins to occur around 25 to 30 seconds or so in is you begin to relax more into it and then you both soften as you start to really feel one another, see one another, as really you are seeing not just through your physical eyes, you are also seeing through your SoulEye (or what is referred to earthly as the Third Eye). As you go deeper into this, tears may begin to come through, and this is ok as well.

There is something very powerful within actually seeing into this person’s soul this way as it has you be within what we say in native tradition as being able to walk a mile in their moccasins. You may also notice that your breathing and hearts begin to synchronise or be within the same rhythm. This is called heart co~hearance, hearing another’s heart.

Now, do you need to do such for exactly 66 seconds?

You are free from having to have a timer or sit there and be in your head counting it out, yet be with one another this way for as long as you can, free from looking away. The longer you can, the deeper the connection and the deeper the healing for both of you free from words being said as so often it is words that can get in the way of really hearing another’s heart.

Another variation of the Soul Gazing that you can do if and when both of you are ready for it is something I do within sessions I give, courses I teach, and also within my Soul Gazing Satsangs in which is there are certain words that are said either telepathically/energetically expressed through your eyes as you are Soul Gazing and/or physically said to one another alternating turns that can actually be deeply healing such as~

* I Am sorry for anyone who has ever hurt you

* Please forgive me on behalf of anyone who has ever hurt you

* I appreciate you amasing being you are. Thank you for blessing my life

* I love you for who you are all of you even when you are hard to love

If you are able to be and do this with someone that you love an even deeper more powerful healing occurs. Soul Gazing allows yours and the other person’s defenses and walls around your hearts to melt to where you are then more calm and present with one another, hearing one another’s heart, and can then speak with one another from the heart of what really matters as it is never really about what you are arguing about that is the issue.

Whenever we fall out with someone more often than not it is because we are feeling unappreciated, unheard, unseen, unloved, misunderstood and there is a deep need for connection within that feeling appreciated, heard, seen, loved, and understood. Through Soul Gazing we are able to really then get to the heart of the matter beyond our defenses and pretenses. Which at the heart and soul of it all is all any of us ever desire is to be loved, heard, and understood. May this present of presence open the Sacred Path of Love and connection between you and the ones you love.

Lady Nenari is the Founder/Director of The DiamondLight Soul Centre and as a Complimentary Wholistic Therapist specialises in OneSoul REALationships Mentoring for individuals and couples, Meditational Hypnotherapy, Sound Healing Therapy, and Akashic Records Soul Mediumship Reading. To book in a one to one session with her or for the courses she teaches, visit her website

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