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August 23, 2019

Be honest: You are a vampire.

You are a deep feeler, an empath, highly sensitive, you feel everything from everyone. Fine.

And yes, over the years of suffering and/or numbing yourself you finally found an excellent way to cope with that: you support people. You serve people. You coach people. You massage people. You create devotional music. You teach people. You train people. You host events. You organise workshops, seminars, retreats, worldwide movements.
All in the name of “the good”, “the healthy, “the conscious”.
People feel better. Finally. You feel better. Finally.

Be honest: You are a vampire. You take away something from other people (f.ex. their suffering) just to feel better.

All of your actions are rooted in your own misunderstanding that you have to change “the world” and that you know better what people need.
All of your actions are rooted in your own unwillingness to really face your own feelings, pure and unconditional, with no story, no hidden agenda, but to see them for what they really are.
All of your actions are rooted in a very low frequency. Fear. Survival. External validation seeking. You (on a very subtle level) even reinforce the collective victimhood paradigm.

Can you see how judgemental you are in wanting to change “the world”?
Can you see how it is you who is not in peace at all?
Can you see that you in wanting the world to be happy are still holding them responsible for your own happiness while thinking you are a “good person”?
Can you see that “the world” is your mirror, patiently inviting you to finally feel your feelings? To be present with what is?

After mastering that, hold on for a second and be honest again:
What would you do with your day if the world did not need your service?
No need to create online courses for people, no need to sing for people in Africa, no need to send anyone good energy, no need to…

What remains? What would you do?
Now? In this very moment?

Do exactly that. Now.
Do what makes you feel alive right now. With no hidden agenda.
Be an example for exactly that!
Be joy!
Don´t withhold the truth of what you really are. Self-source your happiness.
That´s the greatest service, the greatest gift.

And see how “the world out there” (which is you) shifts and changes in miraculous magical ways.

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